My recent petition about crypto-salaries in Norway

in #cryptolast year

Hi Steemit! It would be nice to have crypto as an officially approved method of paying worker's salaries, don't you think?

If you want to support it right away here's the link:

Here's my text from the petition itself:

Cryptocurrency is the most transparent, while also fast and cheap payments. For example, the speed of transactions can be less than 3 seconds (Bitshares) and the cost of the transaction can be even zero (IOTA). These are only examples; most of the crypto has its own use-cases!

The only payments that we actually can trust because there is no third party.

Make Norway one of the most innovative countries by officially allowing people to receive salaries in cryptocurrencies (at least the transparent; or public ledges one's).

As being opensource software, crypto allows for an extremely high level of integration with any governmental or private services and businesses.

If you like the idea, please support the petition here:

Thanks, see you in the next post :)

@sxiii aka D. from O.