Market Had A Bad Day Was it Natural?

in crypto •  2 months ago

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So as most of us know today has been a strange day for the crypto market. I got into work today to checked out Bitcoin price $7300 okay we are doing good. Start to work and a few other later I look again $6900. Well that is a bit of a pull back no big deal lets do a few alt buys cause they are down. Buy some steem and send over here. Buy a bit of Tron at 315 a piece and head home. Spend the night with the kids and get a tweet from Crypto99 urgent Video in 20 minutes.

So I check it out and wow we are down to $6200. We have bounced back to $6400s now and things look like they may be stable for a bit. But if you take the time to watch the video Danny is pointing out the way fake orders are driving down the price. It is sad that this is still a big part of crypto. It will be till this is a lot more main stream and more rules are in place. The video is just one example of how the rich can play with the prices. I only heard of only story today that should have drove the price down a little and that was Goldman Sacs delaying the opening of their trading desk. That is a big story but we should not have gone down like this. My guess is you will start to see another slow rise to $7000 or a little higher and then they will try to do this again. Just Remember one simple rule that is really hard to follow buy low and sell high. That is why today I only bought stuff. Just a bit of steem and some tron. I will never sell on a day like today. I know Bitcoin is going to be around for a while and don't see why I should ever sell it after a big drop. I hope today wasn't to hard on anyone.

So you know why this market took such a big hit? What did you buy today? Or did you get caught up and maybe sold if so i hope it was before the second drop. Also today is a good day to look at alts that are down more than they should be. If you see one don't be afraid to make a move but make sure to do your own research.

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The Dynamics of Cryptos, despite being digital, would still succumb to the shenanigans of market forces. Which are subjected to Value Creation as Opposed to Consumption
Bottom line: Continue to CREATE, CURATE to Value Up, instead of Consuming Down
Nevertheless, @stever82 made my day with this fresh Info


Thanks for checking it out. Glad you liked it was just a little info to share that this might be a fake drop from rich people to get more before good news from SEC


Methinks as well . Nevertheless, @stever82 is a good Creator of TRUTHS!!

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I think we all got into Crypto a bit because it wasn't Wall Street... Well, it's been proven it's even worse than Wall Street. The daily manipulation of Alts and Bitcoin is criminal. But there's nothing we can do about it.

I bet they will take Bitcoin all the way down to 5000$, 4000$... and then $2500. This will probably take a year or two, so that everyone buying on these dips... eventually gets frustrated and abandons the boat.

When the crash is done, most of us won't have any money left to buy any more Crypto. That's when the sharks will attack and will allow the prices to increase like crazy.

Yep, that's it... the Bull will only return when most of us are sick of losing money and despairing about having bought the "dip" at $8000, $7000, $6000, $5000, $4000, $3000...


Yes I just keep in my mind that we hit 20k but more than that bitcoin is rare. 21million for 7billion people. I will keep my work to own a few and if it drops I will but. I am lucky enough to only invest money that I can lose but that is also why I am slowly investing

It is the downfall. We Hodler are in mode patient right now.
By end of september the market will be completely different again.


I really hope it comes back that fast I am not sure.

I bought some extra Steem and XRP last week, when the prices were about as low as they are now. I can't afford to buy on every dip - there are so many of them, lol


Right I made a few swings last week now I bought some more but missed that very bottom i showed above at 200million. That is a big point if they can make us break that we are going to see low numbers.

It was a good opportunity for me to buy some more BTC, ETH, and LTC. Also, bought my first Ethereum Classic. When the markets go down, so does my checkbook balance.


Ya I think now is a good time to buy stuff good job

I took all this news as a personal sign for me to buy more.

Namaste, JaiChai


Ya hope it was a good move for us

The video is just one example of how the rich can play with the prices

I got burned too many times, not in the crypto market but elsewhere. Powerful forces pulling the levers. We have to be pretty nimble to stay one step ahead of them
An interesting blog.


Ya it is a bummer they don't let us know what they are doing huh if you have connections out there anyone let us good guys know when they are going to do this.


I don't think we should hold our breath :)