Crypto Kitty Craze!

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Hey Guys!

Have you all seen the latest in gaming / collectible trends! The Ethereum blockchain has found yet one more way to profit.... Cat Meme! becuase what else would we use the latest and greatest in technology for ?! Buying, selling and breeding crypto kitties of course!!

After doing a little poking around on i discovered these things are already big business! Since they launched just a few days ago they have already sold approx. 1.3 million in crypto kitties! The cheapest kittie i found on their website was about $36.00 USD and some of the more expensive ones were around $4,000.00 USD. The most expensive one sold for approx. $113,000.00 USD already! You can purchase them with Ethereum. Notice the price on first crypto kittie listed for sale in this photo!! All prices are listed in Ethereum.

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So a little bit about the game and cats themselves. After you purchase the cats you can trade them , play with them and you can even breed them. Breeding kitties will earn you some ethereum and crypto kitty offsrping. You can turn around and sell the offspring when you are ready. They are labled in Generations. The first ones being Gen 0. Then Gen 1, Gen 2 and so on. The earlier the Gen the faster the kitties will breed. This makes the early generation kitties more valuable.

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Personally I think its amazing to see the blockchain tech move along! We really can use this tech to acheive anything. From storing funds and medical records to improving the world of cat memes and beyond!! What do you guys think of Crypto Kitties!!


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AH! I just subscribed and trying to figure out how it works. Do you know if there is any way to get a free cryptokitty when you start to play?


I was wondering the same thing?