Xaya as the future of Ultimate Blockchain Gaming Platform is Already Here.

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Everyone has their favourite hobby, well I'm pretty sure much of those hobby is playing a GAME or spent travels time or etc. When we talked about playing a game, surely this perform need a compatible devices, system, well-internet providers, good servers and many term related to created the perfect balanced during the game plays.

Nowadays, as we can see through the Internet orientation, there are too many game providers whichs systemized by decentralized system and its orientation only stuck within the games (means the only role you can play on the game is just playing the game) beside anothers its useless. Gaming is just a cases which is involved by many ages people (kids, youth, adult) based on the game categories they choosed. Beside, we knew that by this time there are just a well proper game launched to over-come all ages players need/wish. But what is the point while on the ordinary game provider/server characterized by limited/centralized system when we talked about the regulations on the games eg. account, assets, and etc.? and by the time you realized the only thing you can do within the game is only by playing the game and no other more could you do.

At last, don't you think if it there are a kind of well provider/server which is provided a well true gaming system that support multiple compatible through all devices, keeping your privacy secured and saved, while your assets in the game is the first priotity, unlimited genres concluded, no central servers which is means made you totally free plays, integrated by all language which is mean support to play by all people around the world, all those tools advanced within gaming technology on the extraordinary internet world called Blockchain, yup! that's what we talked about, the blockchain gaming providers to make your gaming world become more better than before and all those categories already packaged within XAYA as The Ultimate True of Blockchain Gaming Platform. All you need and dreamed within your gaming system is all included on XAYA technology.


Want to know more detail about XAYA, lets headed down below discussion...

What is Xaya?


XAYA is a custom blockchain based off of Namecoin, a project that we have voluntary lead for over 5 years (the first official altcoin of which Satoshi had a large input - most of his last comments were regarding it on bitcointalk). A lot of the Xaya concept is based on our first project, Huntercoin. Huntercoin was an experiment designed only to last for 1 year but it's still going today. Released in Feb 2014.
-the CEO - Andrew Colosimo

Actually, by having a well super-exerienced, Xaya has succeeded several project on their technology. Since 2013, Xaya introduced the world of public gamer enthusiast to the true blockchain gaming with the Huntercoin experiment. by then all their developments project enhanced with various unique innovations. By having this experienced, time to time Xaya develops the advanced project within gaming system through blockchain gaming platform, which is then the new platform where games can run serverless and unstoppable on the blockchain with countless thousands of games and millions of players launched.

The Ultimate Blockchain Gaming Platform concluded by several advanced technology such as *true blockchain gaming, Complete Tools, Massive Game Worlds which all these leaded the users to manage their Real asset ownership, new game genres, completely decentralised virtual worlds, and no Central Servers. Amazing, isn't it!. That's what the perfect system needed by public gamer enthusiast, beside within Xaya as decentralized system adopted and integrated by cryptocurrency as well you can performs easy payment through this method, and what incredible more is you can trade your assets within the game (in and out). If you ever about #chimaera before, you'll knew better about what Xaya entirely means.

The Xaya blockchain is custom built with elements from Bitcoin Core and Namecoin. Much of the technology will be built around Game Channels, an invention by the Xaya team in 2015 for scalable, fast, secure and provably fair game universes that run on the blockchain.

By having those popular and perfect blockchain system, Xaya totally disrupt other ordinary gaming platform, caused what is exactly Xaya offers within their advanced features are significant different with others, eg. scalable, real ownership, no server, save trading, easy devolopment, proven secure, provably fair, MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online), another unbelieveable one is Xaya also launched its own wallet platform which means all users easily to maintain their assets within the game through the Xaya wallet owned, and also users can play the game through the wallet system.

The Advanced of Xaya on the Blockchain Technology

1. True Blockchain Gaming

Decentralized world as you wish already within, its totally secured and decentralized.

2. Asset Management

Save your asset, maintain your role through the asset you own, perform save trading and etc.

3. Payment Gateway

Integrated payment method as you can purchase and perform any other needs, faster and easier which is no intermediary as 3rd party involved.


Another innovation of Xaya team created through the super-experienced passed eg. human mining, Decentralized Reality, Atomic Trading and Game Channels, all those innovations integrated within the gaming system.

The features of Xaya within the Next Generation Games

Since, the advanced technology adopted by Xaya as the ultimate blockchain gaming platform, there are several advanced features consisted in order to make users friendly closed by the Xaya system, the following explain are:


1. Scalable

The virtual unlimited transactions during players on the game (Game Channels Enhanced).

2. Real Ownership

The asset management (Trading Cases).

3. No Server

Freely modules, totally freedom to all users without the need of server on the game play (Centralized Eliminated).

4. Save Trading

You can perform trading through your assets from the game, its secured as decentralized through currency you owned.

5. Easy Devolopment

Full development modules integrated, eg. language build/created the new ones, other modules eg. javascript and etc. No need Smart Contrat and Blockchain Knowledge as you want develops/maintain your blockchain data.

6. Proven Secure

PoW mining method integrated with SHA-256d which means totally under best controlled.

7. Provably Fair

Cheating eliminted during the game plays.

8. MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online)

Support massive multiplayers online globally 24/7 up time.

All those features integrated within Xaya system as their first objective is to build the ultimate blockchain gaming platform. These features are things which is truly need by all public gamer enthusiast, and I'm pretty sure you kind to be a part within this absolutely advance platform.

Xaya Featured Games

There are two popular games already on the watch within Xaya, both of these game was the most dominantly people played worldwide. Soccer Manager and Treat Fighter categorized as the suitable game which are playable by all ages.


1. Soccer Manager

2. Treat Fighter

Hit the link to get more detail about those game and don't forget you just didn't only play the game within Xaya, but beyond more as you can trade and perform another interest performs.

Xaya Token


As the main sale was powered by Liquid Exchange, Xaya introduced their token named CHI.


by having the circulation supply as mentioned on pictures, Xaya already hit the market interest as the following public enthusiast already interested in.

Xaya Team (Super-Experienced)


Download Xaya Wallet


Bounty is Ongoing, grab your Xaya Chi!

By participating several instruction on the site through social media task, you can actually own Xaya CHI on your wallet.

Detail Information About Xaya


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