Tether Launches on the Bitcoin Cash Network, Fear of a bank run looms in the US, Steam items for BCH

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►Local.Bitcoin.com integrates Steam game items to the p2p marketplace
Other platforms for trading game items have suffered from high fees and exit scams.
Local.Bitcoin.com’s “Blind Escrow” allows users to sell their CounterStrike: Global Offensive items without ever transferring custody of the items to Bitcoin.com.
Items can even be used in game while they are listed for sale.

SOURCE: https://news.bitcoin.com/trade-csgo-game-items-for-bch/

►Cash withdrawal limits in the US spark bank run fears
In times of financial uncertainty, there is usually a high demand for liquid assets, especially cash
Banks like Chase, JPMorgan, and Bank of America have been limiting cash withdrawals in some areas in response to this demand

SOURCE: https://news.bitcoin.com/us-cash-crisis-withdrawal-limits-bank-run-fear/

►Venezuela shuts down national banking system over Covid-19 concerns
In response to 40 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the country, Venezuela’s head of financial authority and president Maduro have shut down the national banking system with the goal of helping to prevent the spread of the virus

SOURCE: https://news.bitcoin.com/maduro-venezuelan-bank-closures-coronavirus-scare/

►Binance adds Bitcoin Cash support to their lending platform
Binance’s interesting-bearing service now supports three new cryptocurrencies: BCH, ETH, and EOS. They join BTC and BNB, the two originally supported assets.
Users lend their idle crypto-assets to “Binance Margin”, and earn interest from Binance on those assets

SOURCE: https://news.bitcoin.com/binance-lending-bitcoin-cash/

►BrewDog announces option to buy equity with Bitcoin Cash
Through “Equity For Punks”, BrewDog has been offering shares in their business to beer lovers worldwide
They have recently added cryptocurrency payment options to buy those shares, including Bitcoin Cash

SOURCE: https://efp.brewdog.com/equityforpunks/cryptocurrency

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Don't forget to post of hive.blog too. Lot's o people went over there

KINDLY... ReHIVE This... Please.


You should try Hive, I believe everyone is moving over to it from Steem based on what has been done.

https://hive.blog/ or https://peakd.com/

are the places to start, but the way it works is that it's a fork of Steem, so your same Steem keys power your Hive account, and you have a 1:1 balance of Hive and Hive Power (HP) to Steem and Steem Power (SP). I am selling all my Steem and powering down all my SP and will exit Steem fully in a couple months once it's fully powered down.

We forked away from Justin Sun and have done something that has never been done in blockchain history to date, as Hive is more valuable now than Steem.