Airdrop AUXILIUM (AUX Coin) - Already Listing In The Market

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Auxilium Global, a philanthropic cryptocurrency company with the aim of dealing with world diseases. This is a big demand, but with strong cryptocurrency strength and a caring community of coin holders, we know we can make a difference. Auxilium is different from other cryptocurrency. Auxilium is not a token, but a coin with an independent blockchain and network, with a very close ability to create smart contracts dapps , and their own tokens.

Auxilium POA (Proof of Authority), the consensus used by AUX, is safer, environmentally friendly, faster and fairer than many traditional POW and POS coins and tokens. Mining and snooping are not needed for block construction which allows AUX holders to receive interest / rewards when their computers are turned off. We put profits on philanthropic projects, our technology is environmentally friendly and we pay an 8% interest guaranteed to coin holders.

Auxilium, trade on the Mercatox Exchange. Using our capital gains to support philanthropic work around the world, whether planting trees to offset our carbon footprint, piloting programs to help disadvantaged people get enough food or help fund research to cure breast cancer.

AUX Coin Information

  • Market Cap: $ 429,262 (USD)
  • Price of Per-AUX: $ 0.004369 USD
  • Circulation Supply: 98,257,396
  • Price of AUX / BTC: 0.00000069
  • Total Supply (capped): 300,000,000


AUX Auxilium (AUX) is one of the hottest projects still under the radar. This low supply sleeping giant holds 1,000,000 (1 million) AUX airdrop and bonus raffles worth 50,000 (50 thousand) AUX for those who hold 10,000 (10 thousand) AUX or more at one address before the airdrop end on December 1, 2018.

Auxilium Platform Interest Distribution (AID) ensures that every user, who holds AUX on a private address, earns up to 8% interest per year divided into monthly prizes. AUX users automatically donate to charities through the AID platform and ensure that R & D funds are refilled to create new projects.

To participate in airdrop, fill in the complete form on this form:
Unique and innovative codes and concepts that are meaningful and need to make AUX must have every crypto fan. Not to mention the passive revenue platform created by the developer.

Auxilium can already be traded in Mercatox and BiteBTC.

Download the desktop wallet

You can download the AUXILIUM wallet here:

  • Windows 32:
  • Windows 64:
  • Linux 32:
  • Linux 64:
  • Mac OS:

To get detailed information about Auxilium, please visit the official page: