The future of cryptocurrencies, GRAFT:

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¿To begin with, what is GRAFT?

GRAFT is a project that is already taking a high-speed road in the world of cryptocurrencies, a while ago that ended its ICO and with a current operating network have the goal of making cryptocurrencies a usable currency both in a company, as in a small store, fast, easy and safe.


This project already has several very practical functions for its use, after the completion of its ICO one of its great wonders is GRAFT Mobile Wallet, your personal purse already available for IOS and Android. GRAFT CryptoFind App It is another of the wonders that we can enjoy since it consists in finding and indicating to the user the specific sites that they use GRAFT to make our work easier.

These are just some of the great features that we can enjoy thanks to this wonderful project because, as I see it, cryptocurrencies are the future of humanity.

GRAFT It will completely change our common methods of payment, as it provides easy accessibility and a very practical function, since the user has the possibility to pay with the currency that he likes this would not affect the person receiving the payment as this can also choose receive payment in a currency of your own choice. Implementing this in companies, hotels, shopping centers, etc, would become a world that works based on cryptocurrencies.

Merchants will be able to use it without any type of inconvenience since they can receive payments in the currency they like in a safe and practically instantaneous way. Since with your RTA system the confirmation of the transactions are made almost instantly.

This is a revolutionary idea without a doubt, as we have seen it is a way to use the cryptocurrencies that we want instantly in any place of our preference also having the possibility of using it in our mobile devices for greater convenience when making a trade . I undoubtedly think that this project will make cryptocurrencies much more common throughout the planet, revolutionizing the world in which we live in an unimaginable way. It's already started and now it's just a matter of time for this to happen.

The cryptocurrencies is, for now, a delicate issue that still needs a lot of time for its full use, GRAFT is undoubtedly a great contribution to this branch, either by its easy access, its rapid use and variety of amenities. In addition to charging only half of what the common credit cards charge the merchant, I know that in some time this method of payment will be used like any other currently.




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