Christmas Challenge Winners

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Hello Everyone,

The Crypto Treasures Christmas Challenge is officially over and the results are here!

We have had more than 50,000 Chests opened within 15 days, which is outstanding!

The winners are:

#1 - SicilianMafia64 with 7859 Chests Opened!
Reward: 60,000 PHT and a Limited Edition Gold Coin

#2 - pooyapars with 5738 Chests Opened!
Reward: 25,000 PHT and a Limited Edition Silver Coin

#3 - DiamondGod_55220 with 4289 Chests Opened!
Reward: 15,000 PHT and a Phoneum T-shirt

Congratulations to the winners!

We have already credited the PHT to your account, you can check your transactions within the game. The coins and the t-shirt will be shipped in January. Our support team will contact you next week directly.

Stay tuned as the next Challenge will begin soon!

Download and Play:

The Phoneum Team