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Happy new year everyone! I wish you all a great 2019!
Hopefully the cryptomarkets will recover this year. There is so much in the pipeline for 2019 that could turn crypto markets around. I am very curious what this year will bring.

Looking back on december, I see a mixed picture. Bitcoin lost another 6.5%, but some altcoins began to recover from the november capitulation. Unfortunately, STEEM was not among them yet. Possibly due to the layoffs.

  • The Bitcoin dominance was pretty stable last month. From 53.5% to 51.5%.
  • The total crypto market cap dropped from 131 billion to 127.5 billion. Not a huge difference.
  • Look at Paragon Coin! Is cannabis on the blockchain the next big thing?
  • STEEM dropped to $0.27 and lost another 21% of its value.
  • Let's hope for a much better 2019!

Here is the full overview of last month.

CryptocurrencyPrice December, 1stPrice end of DecemberChange
Bitcoin Cash$192.66$151.81-21.2%
Bitcoin SV$95.91$86.51-9.8%
Binance Coin$5.07$6.11+20.51%
Ethereum Classic$4.61$5.07+9.98%
USD Coin$1.01$1.02+0.99%
Bitcoin Gold$18.52$12.81-30.83%
Basic Attention Token$0.17$0.13-23.63%
Paxos Standard Token$1.01$1.010%
Bitcoin Diamond$0.99$0.90-9.49%
Gemini Dollar$1.02$1.03+0.98%

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That Stellar drop really hurts. If it drops much more it's going to force me to start buying again. :)

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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I did not know Paragon, but I do know, a ris like that is always followed by a steep drop...

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I hope Steem can recover some ground and get back into the top ranks this year. I think it's up to us all to improve its image. We should support dapps that add value. Some are doing well on State of the dapps, but more active users will help. We need more places to spend Steem and make it a useful currency. I plan to spend some of mine this year.


Really not liking that its not in the top 50 either. Hopefully it bounces back up sometime this year, at least in rank with market cap. We were at 53 last I checked, 11 million dollars away from rank 50.

Wow, I am surprised there were some in the green. I thought it all an all-around blood bath. Thanks for introducing me to some new coins. I will research some of them.

Wish you and your family a blessed and prosperous 2019.

Interesting to see some diversity in performance as markets have normally always followed bitcoin. I think that we will soon see more uncorrelation with bitcoin like seen in Ether this past month.

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Hopefully 2019 will bring more joy than the end of 2018 !
Happy new year 🎈🎆🎊 @penguinpablo

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Great overview of the performance of the Crypto Coin in December.
Happy New Year to you...


Like it or hate it, Bitcoin is still the King of this crypto jungle.

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Already back to business I see! :-)
I wish you al the best for this new year!

Happy new year to you, I hope the crypto markets stay were they are until I get a better job and can buy some.

My hopes are up ;)

Happy New Year!

Hope to see steem going places in this new year soon. Whatever that is holding steem back should relaease it ooooooooooo.

I am really liking TRON

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Hey @penguinpablo - you provide an invaluable resource! We love the data - keep it coming! I have a slightly technical question for you having found one of your great posts from last year! Are you around in discord under a different name for me to ask you a Q? Cheers and Happy New Year


I don't use Discord, but feel free to post your question here on Steem :)


Thanks @penguinpablo - the context for my question is my recent post looking into the supply of STEEM - which led me to find your post from a year ago how-much-steem-is-added-to-the-reward-pool-per-day- and the formula's you included are very helpful in building my understanding.

I have taken the second of those formula's: to look at how much STEEM is being added to the Rewards Fund ( incl Content Rewards + SP Holders + Witness Rewards):

new_steem = ( ( virtual_supply * current_inflation_rate ) / ( 10000 * BLOCKS_PER_YEAR ) ) * CONTENT_REWARD_PERCENT;

Following through your maths: I get 8.61% inflation rate and 2.65 STEEM ( I didn't apply the 75% as I wanted to see the total amount of STEEM printed) being added to the REWARD FUND every 3 seconds> this leads me to 76,320 STEEM per day and therefore about 534,000 over a 7 day period. Steemd shows a figure of: 863,000.

Something is out. I don't think it's my maths - so is it the fact that the equation has changed or is steemd not updating correctly?

The context of my question- is that I'm building my understanding of the increase in the supply of STEEM which has increased significantly as per my post here and in preparation for a similar type of post.

Thanks for reading this - I hope you follow my question.



The amount of STEEM added to the reward pool per day is a bit lower than in your calculation. Here's the formula using a 8.61 inflation rate.

new_steem = ( ( 324,001,674 * 861 ) / ( 10000 * 10,512,000 ) ) * 0.75 = 1,99033562581 STEEM

Nearly 2 STEEM every 3 seconds makes 57,322 STEEM per day.

The current amount of STEEM in the reward pool is 867,752 STEEM. This is used over a 30 day period (not 7) which equals 28,925 STEEM per day. Under normal conditions 50% of a post payout is paid in STEEM and the other 50% is paid in SBD. If I'm correct the reward pool only reflects the amount of STEEM and not the new SBD so we can multiply 28,925 by 2 which gives us a total of 57,850 new STEEM per day. Almost the same as the 57,322 from the previous calculation.


Excellent thank you. Where did you get the formula's from in the first place is that within the code somewhere? Thanks


By digging in the source code :)


There is not many people that can do that- I would n’t even know where to start looking! Thanks for your help Pablo.

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These valuations make me feel much more comfortable given the current state of crypto. I think we can get back to and beyond previous valuations as the technology matures, but I'm not in a rush to get there.