Doom Day Head As Google Bans Cryptocurrency On Play Store

in #crypto3 years ago

It's seems the ads market segmentation will not end soon between Google and Facebook as Google has declined Cryptocurrency mining Apps on it's Play store.

When Facebook announced that they would be allowing cryptocurrency advertisements back on Facebook, one thought Google would follow suit and backtrack the mining ads on play store ads as well.

The new addition to the Developer Policy Center now explicitly states:
"We don’t allow apps that mine cryptocurrency on devices. We permit apps that remotely manage the mining of cryptocurrency".

This to me is unnecessary, unethical and perhaps recklessness .

However, Google's introduction of a number of other restrictions including a ban on apps that allow for the sale of firearms, a welcome development and commendable.


There is no doom day, Google banning mining apps is good as all of them is fake and its waste of time. Only ETN mining app is the best as its only a simulation. Also bitcoin will rise soon in next few days to $8,500 +.

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