Sponsored Writing Contest: Streamity - Winners Announcement!

in crypto •  5 months ago

Thank you all for participating in this contest.

Finally, the winners of the Streamity writing contest!!!

@victorsilab with this submission.
Takes home the first place prize of 72 STEEM!

@ced000 with this submission.
In second place, goes home with a 58 STEEM !

@jadams2k18 with this submission.
In third place, takes away 55 STEEM!

Award 4.png

@autinf with this submission.
In fourth place, takes away 47 STEEM!

@solcross with this submission.
In fifth place, takes away 41 STEEM!

@dedicatedguy with this submission.
In sixth place, takes away 36 STEEM!

@ulqu3 with this submission.
In seventh place, takes away 32 STEEM!

@acheever with this submission.
In eighth place, takes away 28 STEEM!

@rexdickson with this submission.
In ninth place, takes away 26 STEEM!

@aerossone with this submission.
In tenth place, takes away 24 STEEM!

@rosmilage with this submission.
In eleventh place, takes away 21 STEEM!

@ozurumba with this submission.
In twelfth place, takes away 18 STEEM!

@nachomolina with this submission.
In thirteenth place, takes away 16 STEEM!

@jaichai with this submission.
In fourteenth place, takes away 14 STEEM!

@okipeter with this submission.
In fifteenth place, takes away 12 STEEM!

@focygray with this submission.
In sixteenth place, takes away 10 STEEM!

@dontador with this submission.
In seventeenth place, takes away 10 STEEM!

@ecoinstant with this submission.
In eighteenth place, takes away 10 STEEM!

@kilatunzii with this submission.
In nineteenth place, takes away 10 STEEM!

@rosaimm with this submission.
In twentieth place, takes away 10 STEEM!

6 Steem Prizes:


4 Steem Bonus:


2 Steem Bonus:


1 Steem Bonus:



Video Bonus!

10 Steem
7 Steem
7 Steem
4 Steem
4 Steem
3 Steem
3 Steem
3 Steem
3 Steem
3 Steem
3 Steem
3 Steem
3 Steem
3 Steem
2 Steem
2 Steem
2 Steem
1 Steem
1 Steem


Great work everyone! We have distributed lots of extra prizes!

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Thank you so much @originalworks

Congrats to all the winners.

Thank you so much @originalworks

I think the contest was fair enough, i got 1 STEEM, hope to do better next time, thank you @originalworks

Its a really happy movement for winners. God Job. keep it up. Luck is always together with Mature persons. Best wishes to all winners.

Thank you very much!! And Thanks God!!!

Congratulations to all winners!!!


Haha. You seem surprised. Congrats


It was an awesome surprise!

Congratulations to all the winners! And thanks much @originalworks for running these contests.

Namaste, Jaichai

Congratulations to all the winners!

congratulations to the winners, being this week among the top 10 fills me with joy!

Congratulations to the winners.

Congratulations to all the winners!

There were some video bonus that were sent twice, we should all return the second bonus because it was surely a mistake. So please for every user that received the video bonus check if it was sent twice.

Thanks for this contest .... I just want to bring your notice to the fact that it would seem the video I made for the previous contest (bandz) wasn't viewed... efforts to reach you have since proved abortive... here is the link (proof)...included a video in my entry... thanks


Thank you for this contest and congratulations to the winners

Big congratulations to all the winners, it was an awesome contest.. Thanks @originalworks.. You guys rock.

Thankful, thank you for the opportunity! @originalworks


congratulation rosmilage :) you keep moving forward in steemit


muchisimas gracias!! opino igual, y te felicito que éxito!

amazing... Thanks @originalworks and Streamity for value my work. Congratulation for all the winners, this week was increible with a lot of great post

Wow...congrats to the winner. I was actually eyeing the prize. But better try next time.
@originalworks, thank you for the bonus. Am grateful

Bitquin is in a significantly reduced state
I hope that happens what you expect
Video very special well done, my friend

My performance so far has not been encouraging and it's makes me really sad seeing my name at the buttom.... Kind of my last writting !
I don't even know what else can impress you guys!


Tag me later. I'll go through your entry.


You can help me improve my writing skills?
I'll really appreciate that

When do i tag you and how pls?


Hey @jaybhe. Yes I will... I know how you feel, and it's not a good feeling. I'll review some of your posts later, and give you tips/a template to try to follow when writing. I'm not sure I'll be available for this contest, but if you submit your entry in time-today......mention me. I'll drop by if I can, else we will work on the next one. Hopefully, you will be in the top 30 and then 20 soon enough. Cheers


@solcross Please I'm also interested in learning too, if it's possible to teach me or go through the works I have written and offer suggestions please it would really be appreciated


Hey, @amikable. My hands are full at the moment, but I'll definitely do one of them. Maybe for the next contest. However, if your entry is up by today, I'll try to go through it. I've actually read one of your posts... But not with corrections in mind. Just to get a feel. Kindly mention me on it, when it's up. Cheers


thank you I really appreciate, and the ones you read do you have any comments to make?


Hey @jaybhe,

Really sorry to hear you feel discouraged.

The competition is tough, and the difference between some submissions can be minor at times. The quality of writers is just really good.

We will continue working hard and hope to have a reward system that continues to encourage great writers like yourself!

Thank you for your input.


Thanks @contestbot !
Am not backing down anyways !

WOW! Those are huge amount of Steem Prizes. Fantastic!!! Thank you so much @originalworks for doing a great job here on steemit. Thank you

Thanks Streamity @originalworks

I want to say a big thank you to @originalworks, streamity group and to all the winners you all have done well.

Original works contest is what I'll advice everyone to participate in especially minnows because there are so many benefits for trying

Thanks @originalworks for the opportunity once again. I'll do better next time. Congrats to all winners

I'm left speechless.🤗
I feel a tear running down my eye!

Thanks Streamity!
Thanks @Originalworks!

Congratulations to all the winners,i couldn't write due to ill health.
Thanks @originalworks for the improvements

@originalworks and @unprovoked, i dropped two videos in my entry yet i got no bonus...congrats to all winners by the way. Well deserved!

Congrats to the winners, waiting for the next contest

Thank you!

Hi @originalworks
Thanks for the steem!

Thanks for the contest.

Looks like I need to up my posting abilities .. My red text never swayed the judges :P

Congrats to the winners !

Thanks a lot @originalworks, though my performance didn't get the reward i wanted but not withstanding, i really appreciate the bonus, it makes me want to do better.

Had fun, Cheers!

wow i had 10steem as video bonus! Thanks @originalworks

congratulations to all winners.

Congrats to this week's winners & A Special Congrats to @Ced000

who has been plumbing away and refining his writing for months on this thread. Well done mate, great to see you up on that podium.

I Will Be Back ! ;) soon


We await the legend's return, the man of Originalworks 😏