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   After I notice the fact that we are currently in a world where liquefied wealth is rated better than physical ones. Therefore, large amount of people save their wealth with nothing but liquefied currency like bitcoin, steem, lithium, ethereum etc. However, the availability of hundreds of liquefied currency (i.e. cryptocurrency) give all and sundry the ability to choose any cryptocurrency as their means of saving wealth. Though the availability of numerous cryptocurrencies is good, but where the problem is; is when two people with different cryptocurrency want to engage in business transaction ( i.e. the seller accepts bitcoin and the buyer possesses steem). How can the exchange of goods for bitcoin happen when the buyer possesses steem? In order to provide solution to cases like this, a crytocurrency exchange platform stepped in with an everlasting solution. And this platform is named ONEPAGEX.
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&Nbsp;  Onepagex is a name coined from “one page exchange”. This crytocurrency to cryptocurrency exchange platform is created to make the exchange of cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency easy, fast and secured. Currently, this platform supports the exchange of more than 140 cryptocurrencies by opening a web page (


  • Visit with an internet enabled device.
  • Input the cryptocurrency you want to exchange
  • Input the cryptocurrency you want to exchange your currency to.
  • Enter your withdrawal address
  • And click on start exchange.
    NOTE: the above procedures are carried out on a web page*


  • Real-time transaction speed.
  • Minute transaction fee.
  • protected transaction.
  • Easy interface.
  • stress free exchange.
  • And lot more.

In conclusion, onepagex is a cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchange platform that her service is the best compared to other cryptocurrency exchange platform I have used. Their security, little transaction fee and fast transaction speed is part of the reasons I will be bold to introduce onepagex to any cryptocurrency user I come across. Give onepagex a trial in your next crypto exchange transaction and your experience will make you use forever.
You can also check on @onepagex's blog for more information about this amazing platform.

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