Eobot mining made easy to buy hash and for withdraw

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Hi and a warn greeting to you. I have written a post some well legit site where you can mine crypto coin for free. But today i will be discussing on eobot one of the oldest and reliable site to mine different coin at a go. What i so much love much love about this site is that they have about different 21 different crypto coin that you can mine,the choice is now yours to choose the coin you wish to mine.

Join eobot through my referrer like @ https://www.eobot.com/new.aspx?referid=920343

There is an adage that says +"komi bi wan ti peja ma fumi ni eja je). It is in youruba language a tribe in Nigeria, meaning "do not give me fish but teach me on how to fish". That is why i am showing you the way i am also getting my own crypto coin, i do mine my doge coin through this site. I tell you don't mine coin with big value because to get your withdraw may take long time but when you mine little coin it gets more fast for withdraw. I suggest you you mine coin with less than 1$ and stay in wait for it to pump up.download-2.jpg

Today i will be teaching you on how to buy hash for mining in today post and in my next post will teach on how to withdraw when you have gotten to your withdraw limit.

After a successful registration login into your account. It is is better you use google chrome browser because it require a recapcha to verify if you are a human. It can come i form of symbols make sure you follow the instruction on it and after that it also support 2 factor authentication. You will have to login in into your e-mail to get the number that is send to you copy it and move back to the site paste the number on the space provided, the next thing is your main page on the site. Here you will see that nothing is mining or working,to get started this is what to do.


By your left hand side you will see mining at the top left side, choose the best coin you want to mine,remember i told you choose upcoming coin so as to make things fast and quick. Am not suggesting that you can not choose bitcoin the choice is yours,for your mining to be fast it depend on the hash you buy for mining the coin.


To get or buy hash for free you will have to claim faucet daily to get some coin so as to use the coin you have claim to buy hash. You can claim faucet once every 24 hour. To claim faucet to claim your faucet login in to your account,when you are on your account page you will see a three straight short line at the top of your left handside, it will bring a list of placeyou can go,click on product and you will be directed to a place where to claim it, a word will be listed for you to re-type,do excaltly as it is and click on claim. You will be given some amount of coin on the crypto you are mining. Once again it is every 24 hour you can claim it. For you to go back to the main page click again on the three straight line and click on account for you to be directed to the main page. On the main page you can see your mining progress and your claim. When you visit the site you will be given 1doge coin for visiting the site.


Let say you are mining doge coin and you have claim about 30doge coin. You can use it to buy hash to mine. You buy cloud mining of SHA-256 which is equate to 1.0 GHS . click on the three short line at the top of your left hand side click on product and after that click on cloud mining this will take you to a page where you will see buy cloud mining click on it and select the number of GHS you want to buy and click on buy and allow your browser to reload and the amount it will cost will be display for you to know the cost. Since you know the amount it cost go back to the main page and move downward and click on download-3.png

deposit,then click on Generate to generate the address you will pay to and note the minimum amount of deposit.download-1.png

Once your address have been comfired,you will see your deposit in cryptocurrency you deposit. On your dashbaord just click on exchange to buy your hashpower now. Make sure you click on 5years Rental and not 24 hour rental because cloud SHA 256 4.0 24 hour rental will only mine for 24hours and will stop after 24hours. Once you are done,just click on buy and confirm your action. This research was also made possible through the help of gbolahan from jackobians.

For any help and complain please use the comment box below. Your comments will be appreciated and i promise to reply you as quick as possible. If you find the post helpful do resteem,follow and i follow you too. Thanks for your usual time spend on this post.U5dsXHN9F7ZnZUjxjVFk7XC4xYzArf1.gif

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really usefull content .....upvoted u n followed ..... followed me too @khadkabipin


I have start to follow you on steemit, hope we get along to gather

Guy you are the bomb,great post i myself am on eobot,i do mine doge coin from them they are real reliable and trusted site. Good work. I hope your post get to the right people because many people needs it. I which i can help you to get more upvote and resteem to your post because they are always simple and straight to the point. Thanks


Mr christian thanks for your encouragement, am happy you are into the system already. Sure this post make a of impact here on steemit

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Feel free to ask questions for those who are interested and wants to start something


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Thanks for your support. I do appreciate it

Well done @olusolaemmanuel! My only critique is making sure to proof-read your material; some parts were a bit difficult to understand in the beginning. Overall, I feel you provided a great degree of information that is very useful for individuals just getting into understanding mining cryptocurrency. Wish you all the best. Thank you!

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@the21plus thanks for that, i will provide the hash link of my payment to prove the withdraw,so you can verify too on blockchain

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I am following you alread

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i will be post today on legit telegram to to mine bitcoin so keep in toucg i will be posting it later in the day # make sure you are online

Great work @ originalwork.i am learning of this for the first time
i think am going to give it a trial
making use of your referal link straight away


@jeas2cute that is steemit for you,it is a platform to learn new things

Nice lecture


Am happy u learn from it,but take a bold step by giving it a try and enjoy it

Will check this out thanka for the info


Yes u can give it a try,and you will thank me.

I will post this comnent secton the hash of my withdraw from the site

Will try out


Ok there is know harm in trying