Crypto Church - Sunday morning $20 contribution

in crypto •  11 months ago

Big Spender that I am - I bought $20 of Litecoin and $20 of Ethereum at 9:00 am on Sunday.

I try to buy $20 of them on Sunday at 9:00 am if they are down from Friday ... It's ike Crypto Church.... money in the basket.

Maybe the Crypto gods will look kindly on me this week.

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Haha you should put a paper wallet in the basket ;) But church wouldn'tneed it they are rich enough.

So far it looks like Litecoin was a good choice. We'll know in 10 years when I retire.


Good luck :)


I think the crypto gods is with us because there's a rebound hehe see what they tried to make us do the news don't panic they just want cheap BTC.


I sure hope so... I am in for the long haul. 20 years or more

Well, as the crypto markets seem to be in chaos this is more like a lottery ticket for my kids to check in 20 years. That is all.

Looking like Sunday at 9:00 am was a low.