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Introduction of IAGON and its impact on Big Data and AI industry

The Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two hottest industry buzzwords right now which are going to create high demand for cloud storage and cloud computing facilities. Big Data is the term we use for all the data collected through all the IT & non-IT sources and our ability to use it to our advantage. AI is using that business data to learn from the past patterns and predict the future. This whole function requires a huge amount of computations and take a lot of space and processing power.

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services – (databases, servers, storage, networking, software and more) – over the Internet (the cloud). It enables the users to share data and information online smoothly and without technical hassles.

The demand for cloud storage and computing is growing but the supply is very limited. The market hardly has any competition and hence, facing many challenges. The market has only a few renowned players like Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Google Cloud. IAGON is projecting a decentralized cloud platform based on blockchain technology that will support both cloud storage services and cloud computing at a considerable affordable pricing. Decentralization may help providing a secure operation; in comparison to the large centralized platforms.



How IAGON is revolutionisng the Industry:

  1. Data stored on a blockchain cannot be manipulated. IAGON is providing encryption on the Blockchain to secure the data and computation tasks resulting into 100% security and safety from hacking.

  2. The decentralised platform gives the assisibility of data 24/7 without any technical failures which often happens in centralized cloud platforms.

  3. Cloud storage services with IAGON allow the end user to have a cheaper storage facility without investing their cost in their own servers, which will attract a large number of users and miners.

    The cheaper facility does not mean a compromise with security though. The platform further provides a fully secured computational power grid that links to various smart devices of the end user/ miner.

4- Users who have unused or excess storage space can exchange their space for IAG tokens.

5- Data processing for AI needs large amounts of computations and it takes a lot of space and power of GPU and CPU process. IAGON support both (GPU and CPU) processing for this.

6- IAGON offers a user-friendly platform to a daily user to a fortune 500 companies.

My take on IAGON

IAGON uses the smart computing grid for defining the allocation system which is similar to the power grid. The platform manages a network of CPU and storage providers.

All the individual users, use somewhere between 15-20% of the total processor capacity. The remaining capacity could be lend to IAGON to make an individual profit by earning IAG token and to be a part of AI.

So, this kind of platform has the potential to transform the cloud services from centralised to decentralised, from expensive to affordable, from less safe to fully protect. The other fact which is lucrative about this project is the usuage of unused storage space of the end user.

Though IAGON is not the only project with such aspiration, but it's worth to have a look at it.

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