IDACB To Hold Talks on Neironix with Bloomberg and Reuters

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Moscow, Russia — August 26, 2018 — Neironix has reached an agreement with IDACB (International Decentralised Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain) that it will negotiate with Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters the incorporation of Neironix analytical and financial data on the cryptocurrency market in their analytical software solutions.

We asked IDACB to use its PR capacities and help us promote our product to the stated above financial media and investment giants. IDACB found our offer worthwhile and agreed to help us negotiate partnerships with Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters.

The analytical solution the Neironix team is working on is likely to find demand from major financial institutions like Bloomberg and Reuters because the existing solutions have only been established within the niche of ICO market without crossing its boundaries and the ICO market has a potential for expansion and growth. The year of 2018 in cryptocurrencies is being marked as the year of regulators who are catching up with the heady growth in popularity and capitalisation of cryptocurrencies in 2017.

The appearance of regulation on the cryptocurrency market and news about state-launched cryptocurrencies in different parts of the world are increasing the likelihood of the coming of big financial players to the market of cryptofinancial assets. When it happens they will turn to some responsible and trustworthy information source about the market which Bloomberg and Reuters appear to be with their monumental background of top notch delivery of markets news over decades.

If the talks end with a positive outcome, it may become a pivotal milestone in Neironix’ yet very short history. We expect this may take a long-lasting period of time in which more news will occur and the project may expand. The soonest updates on this development are to be expected in a couple of days. You will be able to find all details in our media channels and blogs.

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