Goldilock: New storage technology that provides security and freedom against hacking

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What is Goldilock?
Goldilock is a company dedicated to providing sensitive and important data storage services, such as personal information or private keys and crypto-assets, lending the advantages of hot and cold storage at the same time, without presenting any of the disadvantages of both methods.

This is because the company found a very smart solution; people want the accessibility, comfort, and ease of less secure methods and, at the same time, the strong security of using hardware without an internet connection, then, why not create a system where the devices that store the data are only connected to the network when is necessary?

How does it work?
This is the technology that Goldilock has developed, called "physical air gap disconnection", that is, the devices that store your data will only connect to the network when needed, otherwise they will be physically disconnected from the Internet.

  1. The data is stored on a device without the possibility of accessing them from the internet.
  2. With a non-IP process, the wallet is activated for its accessibility.
  3. Then, it can be accessed securely through an encrypted URL.

It may seem like a simple solution, but it is fully functional, in addition, Goldilock implements other security measures, such as Two-Factor Authentication, storage devices are unique for each user, data encryption, among other measures.

Goldilock will allow individuals or institutions reluctant to invest in crypto-assets, are left with no excuses to take the decisive step, because now they will not fear the loss of their investments, and will enter huge amounts of money to market.

However, the company does not stay there, since its services can be extended to any sector that requires maximum security for their data, whether they are corporations, governments or individuals, digital data will be well protected with this system.

Application of this technology

The most visible use of this new system is the storage of private keys –as the owner key here in STEEMit– or crypto-currencies –i.e., as a wallet–, so that no hacker can access this data.

A more personal use of Goldilock is the storage of personal data, such as identity documents, important passwords, and other private information. Before, this should be stored in physical, risking damage or lost –something that has happened to me a lot–, now will be possible access from anywhere.

Rather than replacing the old storage methods, Goldilock comes to reinforce them, since it is the perfect solution for those cryptocurrency exchanges that store our private keys in hot wallets, as for those services that only offer hot storage.

However, Goldilock does not stay there, as this technology can be integrated into secure cold storage methods so that in addition to offering security, they can offer accessibility and ease.

We have already said that Goldilock goes beyond the world of the blockchain, this is because the company can associate with companies of all kinds that require confidentiality –insurers, banks, governments– allowing a more responsible use of these data for the benefit of the consumer.

Importance of digital security

Nowadays, the one who has information has power, that's why the data must be protected with great zeal since there are those who want this power with illicit and dishonest motives.

Already many governments are taking action on the matter, legislating the security failures of companies with millions in fines, however, it is unnecessary, since the price of a security vulnerability can be much higher.
Whether the legislation is necessary or not, is a fact, so Goldilock takes advantage of this opportunity, since it has the most advanced security technology, offering companies and states the option to protect their data without any vulnerability.

Goldilock understood the needs of the clients and the entire world, that can be summarized in: Take the privacy of our data seriously! This company comprehended the importance of information protection, so it managed to materialize true digital security.

LOCK Token and alliance with NEO
without any vulnerability.

Goldilock will use the LOCK token in the blockchain of NEO, this due to the great advantages offered by the digital economy of it, making NEO the safest blockchain that will exist.

The reasons for this alliance –Goldilock and NEO– are the fundamental principles, what principles? Better technology, greater efficiency, and standards that meet the necessary policies to integrate with governments and large companies. These three principles harmonize with Goldilock's vision, allowing greater benefits for future users of the service.

The use of the LOCK token will allow access to the Goldilock wallet, vital for the use of the service, in addition to offering benefits such as providing a record of the activities carried out and encrypting the data so that neither the Goldilock team can know the content of these.

Although for now only will work with NEO, it is planned that in the near future other more popular cryptocurrencies can be included.

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Goldilock is the new system expected by users that provides security and tranquility in the storage of personal digital identity. This is because, Goldilock has a personal cold storage with a device that disconnects it from the internet, when the user has finished verifying their data in it. Reliability and security in the customer returns, as well as in companies and banking entities that can now rely on a technology capable of preventing hacking. The token of the services of Goldilock (LOCK) makes it attractive and great for users to enjoy and enjoy greater comfort, without these having to take the risk of losing their personal documents (Wallets) when they have to undertake a business trip or another. Goldilock came to stay and provide security and release of the hacks.

The company was founded by two seasoned entrepreneurs in the technological area, with extensive experience in the subject and time exploiting the possibilities of the blockchain, in addition, they have experts in security, with experience in the military and robotic field. All this is joined by engineers and blockchain specialists.

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