My top 5 "ready to tank" coins [Mar of 18]

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You have probably seen plenty of “Top [insert number] coins” lists. Today I am going to try something different and list the coins that I see being very likely to tank.

DASH (formerly DarkCoin)

Once hailed as the anonymous coin, it has remained at the top of the list for a long time, at one point even surpassing 1,000$. Recently however, it’s started losing value and one-by-one other coins have bumped it down a peg. I think it’s gonna be a slow bleed with a lot of money lost.


Remember Zcash, so hyped up that it surpassed 4,000$ extremely quickly (and that was back when Bitcoin’s price was less then a thousand). Well it seemed to make a comeback at some point after, despite all of the conspiracy theories about it and so many burned investors. However, it’s started to fade into obscurity again; and I am going to guess that this is “investors gonna get burnt” round 2.

ETH Classic

Forked from ETH in order to recover hacked money, there was really nothing keeping ETC afloat; which has become obvious now as it’s beginning to lose water. It will probably get a bit of a boost again in the coming years, however, when ETH goes PoS; although that boost too will probably be short lived.

Bitcoin Gold

I’m honestly surprised it’s not at (or close to) zero at the moment. Forked from Bitcoin in an attempt to make an easier to mine coin, it really has no uses other than as a coin to mine and the free coins from the fork. However, that means that the only people who’d own BTG are people who’d be likely to sell; so I can’t see it going anywhere good.

Litecoin Cash

Any decent trader could see this from a mile away. Nobody knows where it came from other than it’s an unofficial LTC Fork, and it has no real uses. It’s probably going to be at zero soon enough.

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