These YouTube Scams are Getting Out of Hand...

in #crypto7 months ago (edited)

I often see YouTube live-streams that are out right scams where the viewers are told that can get 2 BTC if they send 1 BTC to some address, there must be people who actually fall for this because they continue to pop up in my recommended videos on YouTube and they have even found more ways to get themselves exposure.

I was recently shown the below ad on YouTube which contained the aforementioned scam which somehow got through my ad-blocker which is even more perplexing, it will cost approximately $0.10 - $0.30 per view to run an advertising campaign like this one which is further evidence that people are actually falling for these scams. (1).png

The fact that these scams have been operating on YouTube for so long and that they are able to advertise them through ads just shows YouTube's ineptitude in dealing with these things and i feel that YouTube should be held somewhat accountable for the lost funds, hopefully YouTube get a grip and start shutting these scammers down until then we should all be aware that these things exist so we don't fall victim to these scammers ourselves.

scam gif.gif

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