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It has been a while since i entered in to a new position in crypto.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 14.21.31.png

After doing a little bit of window shopping on and after doing my research i decided to go with two new projects that look promising.

Aphelion [APH]

Aphelion is built on the NEO blockchain using the NEP-5 protocol and will be the first DEX (Decentralised Exchange) of its kind.

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The scheduled release of the DEX is July 6th and the current trading price is $0.373887the circulating supply is 36,323,057 with the total supply being 70,188,440.

Aphelion will also use a system that redistributes all the APH that is spent on the exchange to the holders which is an added incentive to hold APH.

If you would like some more information here is the website.

Alqo [ALQO]

Alqo is German engineered and is a really exciting and promising project.


Alqo is currently trading at $0.354785 and has a circulating supply of 43,927,508 with the max supply being 57,879,300 which is tiny and seems like a very undervalued coin.

Alqo is currently using a PoW algorithm through blocks 1- 275,000 after which the PoS activates making this an even more attractive hold, we are currently on block 286,059 so PoS is looking like it will activate towards the end of the year.

Another feature and incentive to hold Alqo is the masternode rewards it will cost 10,000 ALQO to activate a Masternode and is what i am aiming for at this moment in time.

If you would like some more information here is the website.

Thanks for reading and if you found this interesting consider upvoting, following and resteeming.

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Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 20.02.43.png

PoTJ Masternode

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Nice post I am going to look into those two tokens thanks upvoted resteemed!