Cryptopepes- fight, breed, mine and trade as you wish!

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Once, there was a time that the only derivable benefit of gaming was mind relaxation and fun. It's not exactly the same case today. Thanks to the advent of cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence amongst others, gamers can earn something on the side which may be interoperable across games or even permit cash outs.
This article is centered on a novel game- cryptopepes and how that it harmonizes the cryptosphere with the gaming industry.
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Cryptopepes is an online card game that is based on blockchain technology, specifically ethereum's. Therein, users can collect, breed, mine or trade the cards, I.e pepes. Pepes are unique as such serve different purposes. Again, each pepe is owned by one gamer or the other.

The Pepchain

This is the core supporting technology of the game. Each node hosts a pepe transaction and it is absolutely incorruptible. Gamers are able to trade cards through this technology. In addition, Pepchain is responsible for designation of unique wallets to users wherein their mined pepes are stored.

How can I mine?

It's simple! All that users have to do in other to claim pepe is to leave their hardware connected to the game's network for as little as three minutes. The reward is about 2500pepes.

Duelling & Breeding

The game enables gamers to battle from their card deck. Afterall, that is the primary focus of the game in the first place. _20181005_123351.jpg
Breeding is also obtainable in the game and its made possible by the combination of any two pepes thereby yielding an offspring

Cryptopepes airdrop is still ongoing, feel free to join here_20181005_123448.jpg

The beta phase is currently live! soon cryptopepes will be live on the mainnet. October 10 is the date! Follow this link to have a feel of the fun:

For more information kindly visit these pages:
Cryptopepes Website
Cryptopepes Beta
Cryptopepes Telegram

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