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RE: Bitcoin to be worth $25,000 at the end of 2018 and $250,000 in 2022 ?!

in #crypto5 years ago

I hope we reach 1 million :-) But seriously nobody can really predict the future that far...

What are your thoughts on BTC hitting 25k this year? I read your article, it's a nice read but you don't seem to believe this is the real recovery yet?

Thanks for your comment.



I don’t believe this is the real recovery. The first bottom is usually not the bottom. What i saw were sellers in control the whole way and a little pressure relieved (albeit big percentage pressure bounce). What you want to watch next is where the sellers make a stand and then when it comes back down i want to see some puking panic action for a the bottom.

I am not sure is 25k at the end of 2018 is right, because i am looking sideways all 2018. But it could go from 8k to 25k in 60 days starting 2019 lol

Hmmm if you are right, I will probably just buy more... :-)

But anyway I do think that we might have seen the bottom, it seems like smart-money has re-entered the market since they were no longer able to short Bitcoin lower, interesting to see this play out. Hopefully it's not a giant bulltrap.

To be honest I would have less hope for cryptocurrency without the giant leap upwards, so I'm not sure a lot of people will sell when it drops back. On the opposite this huge pump gave hope and people want in again. I think the weak hands have already been shaken out of the market... :-)

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