Some people are buying

in crypto •  2 months ago

Today I learned from a friend that he just bought some cypto, as he explained to me why he is excited about the space again.

I have seen this a few times lately, smart people that may have gotten hurt and maybe even abandoned the space, coming back and buying again.

Personally I feel it may be a little early for that but sure is nice to see believers getting back in.

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At current prices buying is certainly a good option. Many good projects had their prices fall 95% most of them fell at least 80% Lots of developments happened during the bear market. I'm not fully convinced about a bull run just yet. But now I doubt about prices going much lower. Maybe we'll see bit of sideways action. At lest that's my opinion.

I'm buying a bit here and there. @knircky you should check out No Limit Coin (NLC2). They have a poker and fantasy sports platform. I would be interested to know what you think!

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Hit up @theycallmedan ... he knows a lot about it 😀

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Thanks Matt!

I think overall this is the perfect time to start buying and doing a lot of dollar cost averaging. This is what I did in the last bubble bottom and would do again if I was working.

I have looked at NL2C before, but it felt like they simple run a centralized service that used a token. I did not see much innovation initially and abandoned my analysis and did not invest. Some of my poker friends were raving about it (but could not explain how the tech would create value)

I don't yet see how this is better than using a centralized platform with USD. That's how i saw it in 2017 and decided to not invest. I am going to look into the poker solution. I did not get the business model either, but again had only briefly looked into it back then.

Have you looked into the blockchain tech and business model they are using?

I think it's a bit too early to really start buying. But soon is the time.

$rewarding 30% 15 min

Yea, I personally feel still early as well. We will pull back and test supports. However, I think if the plan is just long term hold and not worry about short fluctuations, it could be a good strategy.

Dollar cost average is my ways but it’s like a very small percentage every time. Like 1%, it’s working well 😀😂

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Yes at this point of the cycle i like that strategy very much!

If I had the fiat I would invest more as well.

I put a couple grand into SM which seems to be the safest crypto bet atm.