The Largest Bank in Korea set to launch a Crypto Custody Program!

in crypto •  15 days ago 

Crypto just got a little more mainstream.

The largest bank in Korea, KB Kookmin, is said to be launching a crypto custody service.

According to reports, KB Kookmin will be teaming up the Atomics Labs to launch a service called Lime, to secure and store customer's crypto assets.

More on the news announcement can be seen below:

This is big news for crypto!

This is very big news as it immediately adds credibility to the entire space as well as the assets themselves at a time when many startups are finding trouble doing business with traditional banks.

Not only that, but it also likely will encourage more of the institutional grade investors to enter the space.

One of the biggest reasons institutional investors have not flocked to the space thus far has had to do with custody.

No institutions want to take on that kind of risk with large amounts of money.

Now with all kinds of custody services popping up we are finally getting the ground work laid for them to truly start entering the space over the coming months.

The future is looking very bright over the next 1-2 years.

Stay informed my friends.


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This is a great move

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I think so as well.

Very interesting 🧐


Thanks corndog.

That's funny.

Here in Raleigh there's lots of Lime brand as far as the eye can see... it's a scooter company!



Ha, any relation?


doubt it!


Didn't think so.

Great news for crypto community korea will take the lead


That would be nice.