DON'T USE! How can you prevent this kind of attacks

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Hello Steemit Community!

if you're using Google Public DNS ( / and try to access MyEtherWallet website, it seems these DNS servers are resolving the domain to a phishing server with an invalid certificate and they are stealing your private keys and withdraw your funds.

This kind of attacks is nothing new, happened before with this kind of websites and will happen again because of the vulnerability of centralized websites.

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The hacker already got about 250 eth from this scam alone and seems he have more in other wallets probably from previous scams.

Here is a good report about the situation

How can you be safe and prevent this scams?

  • Always check the green safe
  • ALWAYS USE A HARDWARE WALLET(they can't steal your private keys neither send a transcation if you don't manual confirm it) I suggest Ledger Nano S
  • Use locally wallets like Metamask or:
  • You can use MyEtherWallet locally. Tutorial

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Very good application for checking cryptocurrency and receive notifications
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I use metamask and I'm pretty happy with it.

I personally dont like the interface and user experience but is pretty secure
Thanks for the comment

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