Scams and Goldmines: How to Navigate the Crypto World

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I sat down this morning to finish a review of Ripple. (XRP) Ripple is the company and XRP is their token symbol. Yes, you know what it is. But it is surprising that so many people who own XRP, have no real idea what Ripple is. We are reviewing Ripple so we can use an existing company, apply our criterion to it, and show you that XRP checks all the boxes. People who applied these rules to Ripple last year have made millions as it went from $.05 to $2.00. If you apply these rules you can make a very strong case for it rising to $20 or $1,000 over the next few years.

Anyway, as I started accessing my research I got no fewer than 7 pop-ups this morning telling me about the next new CRYPTO. Please forgive me, but somebody needs to say this. IT’S a F%&$KING SCAM. If we promote one thing here, if you take one thing from us, use your common sense. In other pieces, we’ve discussed scams and the assholes who see CRYPTO as the next pet rock. They prey on the weak, the greedy and those who want to be rich, thinking there’s a shortcut. Don’t be one of those people. Before you bite on one of these ridiculous offers, ask yourself this, and this is the basis for Crypto Criterion, is it logical, does it make sense? If a guy really knew which coin would go from $.001 to $10,000 he’d just buy himself $20 worth and make $200,000,000. But no, he’s a great human being that wants to share his good fortune with everyone. He’s perfectly happy to share his secrets with 1000 people and make another $25,000 on top of his 200 million because he needs it. Good and you? Look there are two reasons for the crap he’s doing. He’s getting rich $25 at a time. When he’s exhausted this scam he will reinvent himself with another name and complete professional resume and do it all over again and again. It’s not merely possible this asshole, not only doesn’t own any of the junk he’s promoting, but also that he doesn’t own any crypto at all. He and his ilk go from the next new thing to the next new thing scamming anyone they can with the same game. Then many of theses people are professional marketers paid to pump a currency/ICO, the Pumpers. They own the currency they are telling you to buy, and you are going to make them rich. They get you to buy it knowing you will return the favor and get your friends to buy it too. Stupidity is like misery, it loves company. Once you decide to buy, these peopel are going to sell it to you without you knowing.

Here’s another dirty little secret that many of these Crypto companies learned from the old Payola scams ( that plagued radio 50-years ago. It is even money that the company he’s prompting is paying him in their coin to find suckers. Many of these companies issue 1-billion coins. They plan to sell 700-million starting at $.001 They keep another 100 million and use it to pay pumpers. And when the coin goes to $.30 the owners dump their 200 million on the unsuspecting investors. ($60,000,000) Remember. Crypto is not a controlled space like stocks and bonds where owners must file with the SEC to sell their, or company stock. (The SEC/GOV is coming) So in Crypto, you have no idea what the owners are doing. What they are doing is legal. Companies also use air drops to pump values up.

Did you know that if you have a few hundred followers on your social network page you can sign up for Air Drops with new ICOs. You write and promote their coin and the company pays you in their coin monthly (1,000 - 10,000 to 1 million a month) before the ICO happens. So by the time the coin hits the market the fake hype drives it from it’s ICO price of $.001 to $.30 on the first day. Yep, now if you are smart you just figured something really important out. You know all the front page stories about people making millions overnight? It’s not you. It’s not regular people. It’s the people who pumped up the stock, got it early for free and dumped it into the market on the first day. They all save a few thousand coin in case by some miracle the company turns into the next Bitcoin, and not the Titanic. These people just dump and move on to the next pump and dump.

We all see these offers, you think you are going click the link and get the names of the new ICO and it will say, “Buy Me, Be Rich, Spend Wisely”. But you click on the link and you go to this long, pretty and compelling verbal journey, where the asshole is leading you ever closer to entering your credit card info. There are numerous examples of coins that went from a penny to a pound. There will be lots of charts and pretty pictures, huge boats, beach houses and Ferraris. By the time you are finished reading you not only think this asshole is your new best friend, but you absolutely want to turn the page to read the end. But it costs $25 to turn the page. And you do.

Come on. You know in your heart it’s a scam. But you do it anyway. WRONG! How many truly rich people have stopped by your house to share their secrets lately? If you really know what to do you generally keep it to yourself. And if you are truly rich you just share.

But aren’t you folks at Crypto doing the same thing? No. We are a full disclosure company. We believe strongly that there are legit companies out there that will change our world. The faster we get the idiots and crooks out of Crypto the faster our world will change for the better. The faster investment money moves to the legit currencies, the faster your investments in them will change your lives and the less likely the US government is to use the chaos as an excuse to take over. We will publish our findings and also the data we used so you may make informed decisions. It is inevitable that ICOs will come to us for our blessing. We will review their model, if asked. But if it’s shit we are gonna tell everyone it’s SHIT.

We are also developing a seamless method for our readers to buy the harder to get coins and obscure ICOs.

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