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Tourism is one of the booming industries in the world lately. Every other social media platform is flooded with vacation pictures and people gasping in awe of the beautiful tourist destinations that exist. I am currently very active on Instagram and Snapchat, and I see my friends post dream vacation photos and videos almost every day. As a travel enthusiast, I love to travel and explore mother nature and different animal zoos from around the world.

However, traveling can be a hassle, mainly due to the processes which are involved in planning and actualizing a trip. This article is going to be very helpful to those travel enthusiasts out there who have always wished to travel to magnificent tourist destinations worldwide, on a budget! I am going to tell you all about this amazing project that I came along as I was finding better options for my travel ventures.

SiriusX is a project based on the incredible blockchain technology which is looking to solve all the challenges associated with tourism as well as provide travel enthusiasts with a social network platform where they can interact with other like-minded people. Now, as we all know, Blockchain technology has been around for quite some time now, and it is associated with numerous beneficial features to make our daily lives a lot easier.

As a person who travels a lot, I have managed to encounter certain challenges on more than one occasion, and the frustrating part is that there was no solution, well, until now. The most pressing issue would be that of cost. While traveling, I browse through the internet in search of the fairest flight and hotel room offers. The problem comes in when I am paying for my flight and hotel room, and there are a lot of excessive fees while exchanging currencies. Intermediaries such as banking institutions tend to demand a lot of money in the name of transaction fees.

This is where SiriusX comes in to save the day. With the SiriusX platform being based on blockchain, all the payments are made in the platform’s native token, SRX. Additionally, there are very minimal transaction fees charged, which means that I will end up saving money to use it for other purposes. Blockchain technology is associated with enabling seamless cross border payments without all the additional excessive fees being currently charged in other payment systems.

Instead of using huge amounts of money paying intermediaries whose main objective is to exploit the customer, I will get to spend the money on other activities during my vacation. I could enjoy dinner at a high-end restaurant or pay for a private cave to enjoy time alone or with my friends. SiriusX, in conjunction with blockchain technology, is here to make sure that middlemen in transactions are completely eliminated, giving the power back to the people, as per the blockchain principles.



There are numerous other ways in which SiriusX is going to be the ideal travel platform. Check out more about this amazing project from their website and whitepaper to learn of the other benefits that SirusX will offer upon its official launch. Also make a point of purchasing your SRX tokens today to become a part of a revolutionary blockchain project. I know I am!

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