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The game industry is such a huge industry with an enormous profit potential. It was estimated to be worth over $108.9 billion per annum and expected to grow immensely over the coming years. But the way the current game’s market is structured, only big players or organizations in the industry are given the opportunity to profit in this industry. Small development teams or individuals with great gaming ideas have difficulty breaking into the industry because of the huge capital that is required of them before they can bring their ideas to life.

Cost and the amount of time it would take for small game’s development team to materialize their idea is making many of them to shelve the idea of working on their project. What about the gamers. The current game’s industry doesn’t give the gamers much benefit for their time spent in playing a game. Gamers can buy virtual assets or upgrade their account, but they cannot transfer such virtual assets to real world value or transfer such assets to other similar games that they enjoy.

All this limitations is what XAYA has come to address. XAYA has come to give young development teams the opportunity to break into the game’s market and also give the gamers access to a wider range of rich games and offers them the opportunity to be rewarded for time the time spent in playing a game.



XAYA revolutionalizes the gaming industry by providing a blockchain platform where game developers can easily build and launch blockchain games and also makes it possible for gamers to earn benefits from assets acquired when playing a game by providing a market where they can exchange such virtual assets for valuables in the real world.

XAYA helps the game developers to take care of the costly and time consuming aspects of game’s development and deployment by providing useful tools in the form of templates or scripts that help simplify the game building and deployment processes. Since no server is required in order to build and launch a game on XAYA, the game developer will have enough time to concentrate on perfecting his/her initial ideas.

XAYA also makes it possible for game players to have access to a large number of fun games at their convenience and also earn reward from such games by providing a market place where the gamers can market asset that they purchased or achieved in a game for real world value

The XAYA platform will make it possible for developers to be able to develop, deploy and share their games with already available users in the XAYA system and also make it possible for the gamers in the XAYA platform to own assets acquired in a game and earn reward from such assets.


The members of the assembled XAYA team are not novices in the video gaming industry. This team comprises blockchain gaming developers, experienced developers and blockchain and business experts. This team already has experience in the blockchain gaming market with their huntercoin and namecoin projects that were both huge successes.

Huntercoin was the first decentralized multiplayer and autonomous blockchain game. This game was launched by the XAYA team of experts in 2013 to test people’s reception of such game and the reception was massive. The game had over 35000 characters interacting simultaneously in the game and it required no server in its operation and had a 24/7 up-time. It success was massive that it had a market cap of over $10 million USD.

The XAYA team are leveraging on the massive success of huntercoin and namecoin to bring the XAYA platform to reality. They already have the experience, so users are not assured anything less than excellence.


XAYA is offering both developers and gamers the opportunity to bring their ideas into the video gaming market and to earn from the gaming markets by providing a platform that will give developers or game builders the opportunity to create and launch their ideas into the gaming markets at an affordable rate and in a timely manner. While also offering the gamers access to pool of awesome blockchain games and also enable them to earn rewards from such games.

The XAYA platform is enriched with all the features and infrastructures that developers would need to develop, test, install, maintain and market their games. And it also provides a virtual market place where gamers or game players in the XAYA platform can exchange or market the assets that they acquired while playing a game to real world value.


Below I will be highlighting some of the key technologies on which XAYA was built and their technical details.

Atomic transactions:

The XAYA team first implemented this technology in the successful Namecoin project. This technology makes it possible for game items, game specific currencies and whole game accounts to be traded for chi – the currency powering the XAYA platform.

With this technology, ownership of game accounts and tradable in-game items can be tracked securely within the blockchain in a decentralized way. Whenever a transaction occurs between two users in the XAYA platform, this technology create a means for fraud to be eliminated by creating a means for both parties to sign the transaction before the transaction can take place. Should one of the parties relenting from signing the transaction, the transaction cannot take place.

The atomic transactions will track every item’s ownership and enable transactions to take place in a secure and verifiable manner.

Game channels:

This channel allows limitless and real time gaming in the blockchain. Two players can perform a turn-based game in a trustless way without recording every move persistently on the main blockchain. This makes the XAYA platform very scalable for the demand for its target size.

With this technology, players cannot forge a move or change a move backward in time because every move is recorded on a private chain, instead of the main blockchain. As long as the players of a game agree on the outcome of the game, the resulting prize coins or whatever reward expected from the game will be distributed in a fair manner. The game channels make all these possible.

Ephemeral timestamps:

This technology makes in game disputes easy to be resolved. It combines the time-stamping property of a blockchain, merkle-ized hash commitments, amortised mining incentives and fraud proofs to resolve game disputes between participants.

Game on the XAYA platform will be based on a global game state. Game state can be likened to any global data that encodes the whole game world in its entirety. This game state makes it possible for a XAYA client to process and store states of games that it is interested in. gamers can update the global state through transactions made on the XAYA blockchain or through off-chain game channels.

The time-stamping technology ensures that all participants in each game state reach consensus on the shared game state in a decentralized and fair manner. This will eliminate fraud and ensure that all disputes are resolved in a fair manner.


The XAYA cryptocurrency is called Chi. This is the currency that will be used to run the XAYA platform. Gamers and developers would need to possess a certain amount of this currency in order to enjoy the Xaya platform. In game assets or in game currencies can all be converted to this currency. The economy of the XAYA platform will be controlled by the demand and supply of Chi.


Below is a list of the types of games that can be developed or shared on the xaya blochchain.

  • Collectible card games.
  • Real time strategy/multiplayer battle arena. Examples of such games are Dota, heroes of storm, league of legends, etc

  • Turn based games. Examples of such games are UFO enemy unknown, etc.

A host of other games can be developed or shared on the XAYA platform.


XAYA is looking for quick mass adoption of its platform and this has prompted it to enter into partnerships with some key players with a large user base in the video gaming market. Two of such key players are:

Treat fighter:

This is a fighting game in which users can cook up their best treat fighters and compete with one another in battle. This game has a very large user base and Xaya is leveraging on this to foster its mass adoption. Users playing this game will no longer just be doing it for fun alone but will also be given the opportunity to earn assets, own the assets and market such assets for real world value. This is a very wonderful opportunity that XAYA is bringing to the large number of treat fighter fans all over the world.

Soccer manager:

XAYA has also partnered with soccer manager. This game has one of the largest user base in the world. This partnership with soccer manager would cause massive adoption of the XAYA blockchain.

XAYA makes it possible for users of this game to own everything that they have acquired in the game. You can own your team, players, stadium, etc. users of this game are offered the opportunity to earn reward from their fun activities and this move will attract majority of the users of such game to the xaya platform.



XAYA offers developers all the necessary tools and infrastructures to bring their ideas to life. Below are some of the benefits that xaya is offering to developers:

  • Fully, partially or non-decentralized game development

  • Supporting scalable massively multiplayer game development

  • Virtual currencies and asset creation

  • Ability to build gamer loyalty

  • Broad game engine compatibility

  • Exportable game engine templates

  • Pre-built libraries

  • Accepting and managing gamers payments simply, securely and affordably. Etc.


Gamers are not left out in the xaya benefit structure. Below are some of the benefits that gamers will be getting from XAYA.

  • Provably fair game play

  • Gamers are assured of a 24/7 up-time

  • Secure virtual asset ownership

  • Secure social networking

  • Easy to use game app launcher

*Human readable wallet accounts and addresses

  • Rapid and easy trade and/or sharing of virtual assets and conversion to real world value. Etc


The xaya main sale is currently live. The token sale is to run for five weeks starting from September 7th.


Users can purchase tokens as well as register for an account to earn tokens by completing some basic tasks.


XAYA is a great opportunity offered to developers and gamers to share in the profits of the gaming industry. every developer and game players should not allow this wonderful opportunity to pass them by.

Visit any of the link below for more information:

XAYA website

XAYA whitepaper

XAYA medium

XAYA twitter

XAYA facebook

XAYA reddit




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