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The video game industry is currently one of the most profitable and sustainable businesses of the moment, as every day there are thousands of enthusiasts who join this new world in search of adventure or just have a good time. But as video game technology advances, so do the demands and challenges that developers face in a dynamic and increasingly demanding marketplace.

Blockchain technology is shown as an opportunity to expand this industry by offering a world of infinite possibilities associated with new decentralized technologies, where players for the first time in history have the possibility of owning their own resources and items, which will be backed up in the block chains and not in the servers of a company.

This is a great attraction for the community of gamers, who are tired of investing large amounts of money, time and effort in game articles, where the real possession is in the hands of the company that provides the hosting service thus presenting the possibility of losing the same or the accounts when an inconvenience occurs.

As a pioneer in the industry of video games based on blockchain emerges Xaya which is an open source project designed to revolutionize the industry and change our history.

About the beam Project

Xaya is the new revolution in the universe of video games based on the chain of blocks, where developers can expand their full potential in the creation of increasingly complex and attractive games for consumers without generating the high costs involved in initial development of the project and that the infrastructure will be in charge of Xaya allowing to exploit all the creative potential.

That is why the consumer can have access quickly and efficiently to a universe of virtual applications developed to meet their need for consumption of high quality content developed in the chain of blocks. It is a universe composed of multiple independent virtual worlds with clear and transparent rules where you can trade articles through a currency called CHI, which can be exchanged in an exchange for different types of crypto currencies or physical money if desired.

The amount of applications that can be developed are practically infinite, only conditioned by the imagination of the developers who will attract more and more users and these in turn will establish an economic growth CHI based on human mining, giving real value to the articles generated in the various applications.


Xaya - The dream of a virtual world


Some time ago I saw an anime called Sword Art Online that reminds me a lot in concept of Xaya, where we had a virtual world based on total immersion which emphasized the development of experiences in this virtual world and that later was developed to create multiple games with different characteristics, being independent worlds but with the exception that the element of monetary value could be transferred to start a new account for a game. This is how Chi the xaya coin allows us to generate value in the content of a game to later be used in another different without well we want them.

Problems with Blockchain Gaming

Not everything is a paradise as expected, since the video game industry in the blockchain, presents a series of important problems related to scalability, speed and cost, which is very serious because it is a determining factor to attract thousands of users eager to consume quality content.


This represents the biggest challenge to overcome in video games based on blockchain today, because if the popularity of the game is high, blockchain like ethereum can not with the hundreds or millions of transactions that run every second and end up collapsing.

Speed-related problems

Most of the enthusiastic players in the blockchain can notice how the developments are currently quite simple, since most of the games are focused on trading or accumulation of articles and do not offer an interactive experience to users. While many applications have had great success and have accumulated large sums of money in the long run ends up boring players leading to the decline of the game by the massive absence of enthusiasts.

This is because strings of blocks such as ethereum cannot currently process complex games as they have the limitation of processing games only about 3 times per minute.


The cost of running a game in the chain of blocks is actually quite high, as there are hundreds of operations per player that are equivalent to cents, adding a large amount at the end of the day.

Xaya the answer to the problems facing the game Blockchain Gaming

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and the video game industry demands more attention and resources than ever before. It is the time of blockchain based games and most users and investors are clear that this is a movement that cannot be stopped and aims to be the future in a short time, but it is necessary that all the above problems of scalability, cost and speed are solved.

Fortunately, the Xaya team is very aware of these problems and are working hard to offer us a solution to start this great revolution in video games.

Xaya is currently developing Gamifying Blockchain Technology with game channels where game channels provide a system of side chains between independent and untrustworthy pairs built by the participants in the games that are played in the XAYA block chain.



This system is the most solid and economical answer to the series of problems mentioned above, offering a means by which operations can be carried out quickly and transparently, although with the small limitation that data processing will be subject to the capacity of the equipment that is interacting.

Logging interface

The interface is presented in a very nice and simple way for the creation of new accounts, allowing new users to register intuitively by choosing their unique user names and completing the required fields, without long and complicated registration steps.


Xaya - games


This was the first great project developed by the company which was destined to last only one year, but its success was such that time expanded due to the great popularity.
The objective of the game is to collect coins on a map of which you have a player versus player combat element to fight for resources.



Treat Fighters

Treat Fighters is set in the world of Canedoom and is an interesting video game oriented to the battle between different characters with sweet appearances. The objective is to battle with your opponents and win rewards in the process. This game will be running 100% on the blockchain.


Soccer Manager

It's a game for soccer lovers with millions of fans where we can own our own teams, stadiums and players. Obtaining the opportunity to trade and make exchanges through crypto currencies.

Compete against other managers and become the champion of the league and participate or direct your own tournaments and compete for Soccer Manager Coins.



Pre-sale of coins

The pre-sale is already underway and we can purchase our Chi coins on your [website] (https://xaya.io), plus we have the opportunity to earn great rewards for making our subscription.

My video presentation


Xaya has been born to bring video games to the world of blockchain making innovative implementations such as the use of its game channels to correct the problems that currently have in the games that currently run in the blockchain. The future never looked more promising both for developers and creators who can save millions in their development or players who for the first time in history will be the real owners of their assets in video games and will be able to monetize their content and give value in the real world.

For more information watch this short video!

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