Gotta Catch’em all! (INSCoin for Knox Sponsorship Updates)

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We are pleased to announce this amazing partnership with Wallem. Join us and become the richest “crypto-trainer”!
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About Wallem

Wallem is the ultimate augmented reality game in which you compete and collect cryptocurrencies in the real world using your mobile phone. Wallem pits you against rival players from your neighbourhood and city. You can play alone or as part of your very own gang, competing and battling for cryptocurrency and control of your territory.

Catch cryptocurrency tokens scattered around your city and snatch them from rival
players, and use weapons and tools to attack rival players and fend off attacks. Catch’n’snatch INScoin in Seoul, Milan and the fascinate Ibiza.
For any update check Wallem’s event page at:

2018-06-20 21.25.24.jpg

How will INSCoin for Knox help Wallem?

The first event took place in Lugano for the ICO Race, during this event Wallem has airdropped 30.000$ for a hundred lucky catchers. As a result of the great success we joined the second historical event in London on June 15th during the inauguration of the sculpture ‘Crypto Connection’, commissioned by Eidoo, and created by the contemporary and innovative artist Federico Clapis.
As a team we give away 15.000$ in coin, but the sweepstake of each event is near $50K.

So what are you waiting for?? Go and catch all the INSCoin tokens!

IMAGE 2018-06-13 19:17:30.jpg

About INSCoin for Knox
Based in Estonia, InsCoin for Knox Project aims to establish the first insurance company that will accept a Crypto (INSC) for the payment of insurance premiums, and the first that, with the help of the blockchain, will solve the problem of falsification of insurance policies.
We are also pleased to announce that our WHITELIST: has been officially opened. We decided to create this WHITELIST following the interest

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