CEO of Mandala Exchange Nate Flanders on Nasdaq Corporate Connect.

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Nate Flanders was Joined by Joseph Reiben, the Managing Partner of Reiben & Velvis LLP.

The Mandala Exchange crowdsale is currently underway. The crowdsale has already sold more than 55% of the available MDX tokens.

Mandala Crowdsale

Why is Mandala Exchange Going to Be Important for the Cryptocurrency Economy?

  1. It will onboard users who were uncertain of the unregulated world of Crypto.
  2. The exchange will be SEC compliant.
  3. The platform will offer trading education and automated systems.
  4. The MDX utility token will allow users to access premium content, tools and discounted fees.
  5. Mandala Exchange will simplify cryptocurrency trading.


Mandala Crowdsale


Hello @hilarski, this exchange reminds me of kucoin, because it was an exchange, with its own currency, similar to mandala.

Yes it will have its own coin but the coin will do many things.

haha yes Randy....hmm how do you explain it in simple words right? :D

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Your post is very starred. continue in your own way because it looks very interesting, and we are always on your side. @hilarski
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Greetings From Us @razi04

Mandala exchange is doing a great awareness campaign to sensitize and educate traders and investors alike if their innovative platform , I just hope that buying MDX token that we investors will be able to share some percentages from the trading gain made from the platform @hilarski

This is vary importeant

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This ico will be the biggest of them all but don't know why the site not works sometime

I watched this. Very cool. Happy that we're both in Mandala Randy bro!

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