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in crypto •  5 months ago

Do You Suffer Addiction to Crypto? I Know I Do.


1. The price of bitcoin is the thing you check before sleeping.

2. .. And the first thing you check when you wake up.

3. You always have a tab open for CoinMarketCap.com.

4. You are bored with conversations unless they are about blockchain.

5. Time seems to disappear when you are watching charts.

6. You get excited hearing the word, "moon".

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So, what is the cure? Take two Bitcoin and call me in the morning...

I believe about 80 percent of crypto investors are addicted to all those six signs. Crypto currencies market and investment is an addictive business to engaged into


Ain’t no rehab when addicted to the crypto man.

Dame... All 6 are true

  1. YES, every day.
  2. YES, every day.
  3. YES, but tradingview.com
  4. This one probably saves me from being a real addict ;-)
  5. YES, absolutely.
  6. YES, absolutely. The word moon does not even remind me to that thing in the sky ;-)

Personally, point number 6 really resonates with me.
About one and a half year my brain will register the word 'moon' as a science terminology but now somehow when I hear it, I relate it more to money. XD

Hello everybody.

My name is @oldtimer and I'm addicted.


Welcooooome @oldtimer !
Moderator: "@oldtimer, would you like to share your story with us ?"

To Be continued

i am 100% crypto addicted coz i have got all of the reasons

Definitely an addict and if you had the Steemit addiction on top of that...
I should go to see someone.

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Got damn! We both the same

Damn... so now it's confirmed, I'm not the only one. 😂

Well, i am not really bored by conversations not about block-chain, but i find conversations inane unless they are speaking of something as ground changing as block-chain.

I mean, its kinda like talking about flying cars vs 1970s K cars.

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It’s a gift from the Satoshi God, it’s afforded me the opportunity to trade, smoke weed & do what I want.
Upvote, Share & Resteem @hilarski always. Respect your Crypto Gods.

Moon lambo hahah my life is ruined lol i am a crypto addict