UPDATE: I told you Bitcoin HAS NOT Bottomed under 24 hours ago

in crypto •  6 months ago

Sometimes it just works out this way. Take a look at my post yesterday...

Bitcoin could very well do this into the morning tomorrow..


Courtesy of: https://goo.gl/images/PjdQ4Y

Bitcoin is STILL KING in the crypto world so I do not care how good or bad other alts are doing with progress or product because right now if Bitcoin gets hit big you are going to see a massive run for the hills (run for fiat) from all the newbies who jumped aboard the wagon.


You know what I see on this chart? A BIG FAT LOWER HIGH at the 200 day MA. I would not be buying ANY crypto right now unless it is close to printing all time highs so like ZRX or EOS and I would have a quick leash.

I still think these two pull back big



Alot of assets in the crypto world look like absolute dogshit. And these are the big dogs that look like they may fall off a cliff.

I highlight MAJOR support levels and I know these levels seem unbelievable now...but believe me, they aren't. When some real panic sets in these could be achieved in a few days, not weeks.







The only good thing is that crypto is not front running global market risk anymore which my thesis is it had to stop doing that before the cycle and full adoption phase could take place.

Things may be about to get nasty here....I got a feeling we are going to see some panic...

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It will moon this year!


Q4 of 2018 or Q1 2019 is what I am looking at currently

Unfortunately I bought more BTC 1-2 days ago right before this dip.

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Hey bro ! CU at discord :)

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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nice graphs, lets see what happens tomorrow.

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you bet and your work is OUTSTANDING! but where do you project? thks.