Masternodes are on the Rise: Dash, PIVX and Crown

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Let’s Talk About Masternodes.

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Masternodes are more than just another way to invest in an alt coin. They allow you to be an integral part of the improvement and advancement of that coin.
By holding a masternode you have the ability to vote on proposals meant to improve the coin. You also are taking an amount of that coin out of circulation, this helps to increase demand by reducing the supply.

The very concept of masternodes has long term value in its core. The investors who have masternodes are the investors who have put their money where their mouth is and have chosen to commit to that coin for the long term.

Holding a masternode benefits the investors.

In addition to seeing capital gains by just holding the coins, you will also be paid in that coin. Payouts can occur anywhere from multiple times a day, to weekly or bi-weekly payouts. If you invested in a master node before the coin really starts to take off then your profits can increase exponentially.

I should note that there are some potential downsides with masternodes that you should be aware of before taking part in one.

  • They are vulnerable to DoS attacks if they are hosted on weak hosting accounts.
  • If you invest in a master node at the peak price, the chance you’ll get a decent return of investment can be bleak if the price drops.
  • The more masternodes that are created means a reduced revenue.
    However, more masternodes also means a better spread of the servers, which increases the security of the coin. More master node holders also means an increase in votes for proposals that can benefit the coin. Article

There are only a handful of coins that offer masternodes, I suggest looking into:

Dash, PIVX and Crown.

The price of Dash increased roughly 300% in the past month and has been holding steady just around $100 per coin;
But it’s PIVX and Crown that have been making huge positive moves most recently.
If you’re looking for a coin that offers a masternode and is starting to gain traction, I suggest checking out PIVX and Crown on your own and decide for yourself.


The Dash masternode's primary function is to carry out the anonymization phase of the Darksend protocol and to validate transactions almost instantly.
Dash also allows for third party master node set up, so you don’t necessarily need to run your very own server to also own a master node.


The PIVX masternode runs the same wallet software on the same blockchain to provide extra services to the network. These services include:

  • Anonymization increased privacy of transactions
  • Instant transactions
  • A decentralized governance
  • A decentralized budgeting system
  • Immutable proposal and voting systems.

PIVX is often compared to Dash since it is in fact a forked version of the dash blockchain.

However PIVX really strives to prioritize a community designed governance model, and is the only pure proof of stake coin that offers master nodes.

They also offer a third party master node setup.
Check out this link to learn more about Pivx’s philosophy on masternodes and voting rights.


Like PIVX, Crown includes capabilities of both the DASH and Bitcoin protocols. The most important differences from Bitcoin are that Crown confirms transactions more quickly, and has an additional layer of security provided by Throne network masternodes. The most important difference from DASH is that Crown can be merge-mined with Bitcoin so that it has the capability to leverage the security provided by the bitcoin network’s hashpower.

Users with 10,000 CRW can run the Crown program, called Thrones in server mode (or masternode). These throne servers provide additional security to the network, but they also could represent a distributed pool of computing capacity for running applications. For now though, 45% of the block confirmation rewards go to the throne servers for their role in confirming transactions on the network through a modified proof-of-stake algorithm.

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Yes, things that skyrocket upwards do have corrections, thank you for that image! lol

FWIW, my BitShares token "Crapcoin" now has the revolutionary Mountebank Masternode solution.

I expect the price to skyrocket immediately after you all read this.

You're welcome.


I expect the price to skyrocket immediately after you all read this…

…and invest all you have left of buying all other cryptocurrencies.

This is like STEEM POWER, but SP does not have minimum requirement, I believe there should be minimum so the profit is more concentrated and high.

Great article...I have been invested with PIVX now since the 12th of this month and i am throwing everything at it. Great community and great dev core team and awesome future. I am also invested in Crown and believe they have there place also. Such a cool future ahead!

Great professional video Heidi - you are my video icon on here :)) I need to do a video on the PIVX price next ... I'm running out of travel photos now!! I hope to see more of your travels soon ... maybe you've run out of travel pics too! Ha ha! Steem on @heiditravels!! UV & RS :))

What kind of minmal invesment in PIVX and CROWN are we talking about?


PIVX requires you to have 10,000 to set up a masternode, and Crown requires the same, 10,000 to set up a masternode.


What coin do you prefer from the bunch? Ive been investing in Pivx, idk just have a really good feeling about it. Awesome post. Well enjoyed. Thanks!


I'm a fan of Dash and PIVX, I'll still need to dig a bit deeper into Crown until I feel comfortable investing.

Master node is a good investment as the gold egg of a hen.

hey heidi ! hope you are good . thanks for reminding me of CRW.
had picked up PIVX at 17cents. just stocked up on CRW. and will bag holding them just in case they accidentally go to 100 usd like dash ;)

Sold Dash for DCR over the last months on a regular basis.
Best choice I ever made.
My advice is to get educated about the cryptos you want to invest in before buying. Decred does not have any of the issues Dash has and is much more developped than PIVX and Crown and imo has by far the brightest future ahead. Unless most who jump on board as soon as it mentioned everywhere (like Dash during the last few weeks) I spend a lot of time to read about DCRs features and upcoming features. Decred and Monero and maybe Komodo will be in the top10 altcoins in the long run (if you exclude assets). Dash... not so much. PIVX will probably disappear almost as quick as it rose during the last few days. Well... time will tell.

too much of info to handle ..... nice work.... keep it up

Hey @heiditravels! Very worthwhile.

The investors who have masternodes are the investors who have put their money where their mouth is and have chosen to commit to that coin for the long term.

To me, this seem like a number one in the section “potential downsides with masternodes”. Isn't it a regular way for some very rich bastard to take control over the network? Can you dispel my worries?

Good info. Good post.

Well that is why Dash price is so up in value. Because if you need 1000 DSH to be in masternode, you have to commit them and put them away from market. You limit supply so price go up.

I now run a "show" called: DASH is TRASH, until now there are 2 episodes, lets see how many I will end up making :)


You GO Girl! I am amazed how smart you are

Thanks you good ot to know

Stratis is setting up master nodes as well, great times ahead for Stratis investors

Cheers, great post , many thanks

you forgot chaincoin (CHC)

wonderful post my dear!... good work!!

I’ve got 10 master nodes set up and running. However after changing the ports, 2 of my nodes have locked me out. One I tried to change the password and there must have been a mishap because no passwords are working to unlock it and the other node won’t load up with the old port or the new port. I can’t see how Ill be able to unlock access to either node. I guess my question is, can I shut down the server and just get those 1000 coins returned and re-establish the masternode? What happens to those coins if the server goes down?


Get on the slack channel for whichever coin you're referring to and ask them for help. They'll be able to give you much more specific directions.

Interesting article. I was about to post a similair thread. The biggest group of uneducated investors in mankind get's a shot to determine the price of a crypto. It's an interesting world we live in. This is quite an interesting website I found: Supposingly they researched every crypto coin in the scene based on: the team, the product, advisors, community, the business and the business model. They even score the coins stengths. For example: For the PIVX Analysis.

Thanks for the info, following you, hope you reciprocate...