Clif High News: The Greatest Wealth Transfer In History

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Listen to the video of Clif explaining why Crypto's are not in a bubble.

Interesting how Clif mentions were not in a bubble because most of the world does not have a cell phone yet.

Crypto's will continue to grow as the world's flight out of fiat currencies continue. But with great volatility Up and Down like croc teeth

"Practice Safe Crypto"

When everyone from tellers, cabi's you name it are talking about crypto's, Thats when we will know were in a bubble.

I look forward to a update video of his motorhome he is building.

I have followed Clif High for quite some time now, and place great value on his research and opinions.

Get his Alta Reports from his website:

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Thank you

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cliff is great! easy to listen to and understand :) a lot of value in his content!

Get your money out of the banks if your in Canada @spiceddragon

The banks there are going to confiscate deposits. "BANK BAIL-IN"
It's all in the Canadian Economic Action Plan 2013

pages 154 to 156 "Establishing a Risk Management Framework for Domestic
Systemically Important Banks"

I love Cliff High. He's a genius in my eyes!! 🤓😇

Dido here. Had to get his message out.

I've seen Clif on Greg Hunter and X22 Spotlight previously, I always love his 'planted' knowledge and easy-listening (& understanding) persona.

yeah, always good info.

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