The gamechangers (Time of The Season)

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I think there are three types of players in the crypto.

The gambler. 

The speculator.

The holder.

Each of them have the same virtues and defects (all of Us)

1) We believe this is real game changer (otherwise we would not be here). 

2) But this believe is faith, not knowledge (if someone says he knows the blockchain and cryptography, as well trading and monetary systems, economics or tech, is a bullshit lier, an scammer artist just like T. V.)

3) This faith can express it in different ways: someone think will be rich, someone think will be free... etc. But at the end all we believe in something. 

a) The gambler rolls the dices and hits the seven.

b) The speculator "knows" the supports and resistances.  

c) The holders can see "a future". 

3) These are mixed state of faith because one -and only one beautiful thing: we all are insiders, there are not outsiders here ( this is why the only idea of a futures market makes me feel pain).

Nobody knows what is doing, this is a journey to the unknown. A trip to our own faith, put to the test by the illusion of the money (the FIAT one). Nobody can say does not matter. We all care about: the FIAT money is the measure of SUCCESS, of TRUE, of POWER. 

But this journey is to face this illusions. As far we get far we understand about us and our faith (not knowledge). But what we have, if is not our faith to face the uncertainty? All we have is our faith to move on, without fear and be paralyzed by the dubiety. 

And why can we face the unreality of our believes: because all we are insiders, gamblers, speculators and holders. Is not beautiful? A whole new path to the a new reality. If you have the feeling, then you are in and you can get out; no matters if you sell soon or you are bear in a bull trend or bull in a bear market, or if you are in since one dollar or 7000.

The matrix is opening. We do not need Ayahuasca or Peyote, nor LSD or Ketamine. All we need is face our mixed state of faith in this virtual new world order.


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