This weeks best FREE Crypto - AXP, SMART, CAPP & More!! Be quick and do not miss out on these.

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This week's best Free Crypto available - Roundup W/C 26/3/18

Welcome to this post, if you are a new reader then I share once a week some of the best places I have found to grab some lovely FREE crypto.

If you are a regular reader then you know what to expect 😊

Just before we dive into this you may be thinking......


Sounds a bit suspicious!!

Let me clear this up for you.

Why would any company give away free crypto?

Well, this can be for a number of reasons which include but not limited to:

A new company launching an ICO and looking for some exposure.
A marketing campaign to boost telegram numbers, social media followers and more.
An existing coin looking to attract new investors or drive awareness of their product.

Hopefully, that makes sense?

Now let's jump into today's article and see where you can grab yourself some lovely FREE crypto today.

Before I share this week's best available I have gone back over the last 4 weeks and have found that a few are still giving away FREE crypto.

First up is.........


Pre-register for the wallet before the 31st March!

So far since I signed up 2 weeks ago they have confirmed we will get FREE coins from the following.....

This is AWESOME!! (In my opinion AXP is going to be a top top coin this year)

This is the simplest way to secure some free crypto without a doubt.

Simply pre-register for the new universal wallet.

By signing up, here are just some of the perks you will receive.

You have until the 31st March before the pre-registration closes.

You can get all the above at Ethos here ---->

Next we have Crypto Tab.

What is it?

Basically, it is a Google Chrome extension.

You add the extension and then whenever you are on your computer you are helping the entire mining pool to mine BTC.

Now I will admit when I heard about this I was skeptical, especially about payouts.

However, after doing lots of research it was very encouraging to see, not only that they have completed many thousands of payouts but also that you can view them on the Blockchain.

So how do you start with Crypto Tab?

First, you add the extension to chrome.

After you have added the extension the next thing you want to do is log in, it is on the bottom right-hand side of the page, see the below image................

You can log in with one of your social profiles which include facebook, Google or VK.

Next, you will see this screen.............

And that is it, you are good to go and start earning FREE BTC.

All you have to do is be on the Internet as normal with the extension added.

You can check out Crypto Tab here

Next, we have CAPP

CAPP is trading on Kucoin and Cryptoia.

ATH $0.49 - 15th Jan 2018

💰 Get 5 Free tokens(tradeable)
📝Requirements - Join telegram group, register email and then verify.

When you join the Telegram group you will see this which has the links for you to get the tokens......

If you recommend anyone to the 5 FREE tokens you will also receive another 10 FREE tokens just like I am doing here.

So if you join the FREE air drop then I will also receive some free tokens.

Capp also offers FREE airdrops to token holders throughout the year, details are below.

Grab your FREE CAPP Here

Next we have Howdoo


Howdoo is a revolutionary new messaging and social media network that leverages the blockchain. It’s a platform designed for users who are tired of being tracked, exploited, and bombarded by irrelevant marketing.

💰 Recieve 100 tokens
📝Requirements - Join telegram group and register email

There is also a daily prize draw: Every day the system will randomly select 1 telegram member who has positively contributed to that days conversation and award 500 tokens.

Grab your FREE tokens here ---> Howdoo

Next is Sphere

Now I have to admit that I really like this and am going to invest in the ICO itself.

It is a social media platform similar to Steemit, powered by SAT tokens.

This coin has also received good scores from many different ICO review sites.

💰 Recieve 20 tokens
📝Requirements - Register and verify your email address.

Grab your FREE tokens here ----> Sphere

Next we have Iagon

Iagons' vision is to create a Global Supercomputer, powered by Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Technology.

This is accomplished by integration across all smart devices, thus creating a seamless experience that effectively and efficiently serves the needs of its users.

💰 Recieve 100 tokens
📝Requirements - register and verify email, Join Telegram group - @lagon_official.

Grab your FREE tokens here ----> Iagon

I hope you found this article useful and if you have any questions or enjoyed then please comment below and I will answer as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading.

To keep update for more ways to earn online, Steemit / Crypto tips, then I would love for you to follow me 👉 @furn01

Take Care


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Disclaimer: This post is my own personal opinion, please do your own research before making any investment into any cryptocurrency. You can lose some or all of your investments. By reading this article you acknowledge and accept this.


I am totally loving what Ethos is escalating to. Now their recent partner with BitDegree will also airdrop tokens as well! Just for participating with the universal wallet. BitDegree is an online education platform set out to help many people learn, earn, and grow with the IT and blockchain related course. Getting paid to learn!
Go Ethos!!

Ethos is going to be HUGE :-)

I got the email earlier about Bitdegree and that is another coin I am bullish on, cant wait to see who comes next in this.

Only 4 more days left but with Bitdegree and AXP as free air drops this is awesome :-)

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :-)

Bitdegree, really? Yeah, I remember seeing them working with Ethos. I didn't realize they were a coin as well.

Yep, Bitdegree looks a great project and has a solid team.

Updates happen regularly from the team.

It is just one of the free coins available from Ethos.

I love airdrops and free coins!!! Sometimes I've been alerted from chats I've been on in telegram. I also did the Ethos universal wallet which in and of itself sounds awesome!!! I am curious about something that maybe you know more about. Do you know what happens when there is an airdrop or hard fork to coins that are not held in an exchange? For instance, when LTC hard forked to LTC Cash, did peeps have to have their coins in a hot wallet or on an exchange? I know Monero and ZEC are both supposed to be doing hard forks in the coming months and I really don't know how those are typically handled, especially considering both are privacy coins...

Hello @bprange

It will depend on what the coin/company rules are for the hard fork.

For example when AChain did this in February if you held coins on Kucoin then you got a 1:1 ration for the new coin after the fork.

However, I know some coins will only give you the new forked coin if you are holding the original in a hardware wallet.

The best place to find this information is on the websites of each coin or in the telegram groups.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

Pretty good research you’ve done here, valuable info ! Gonna jump
On a few of these . I’ll vhevk out that steemit & sbd article too!

PS: I just realized I already read that steemit article. That’s how I know about steepshot! Thanks man

Thank you @dmilliz

I am glad you found it useful and Good luck grabbing some free crypto.

Steepshot and the others in the blog post are all good ways to earn some SBD :-)

Thank you for reading and leaving a comment.

Take care


This is AWESOME!!!!

Just grabbed all of these, cheers for sharing

Hey @cryptoreview1

Glad you found it useful :-)

Some really good FREE crypto available at the minute and the ETHOS wallet is looking like a goldmine.

Thanks for leaving a comment.

This is very helpful

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

💰 Recieve 100 tokens.
It should be receive instead of recieve.

Thank you for stopping by and pointing that out :-)

You got a 1.96% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @furn01!

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Nice post Ms Furn however a small problem with Cryptotab.. It is a pyramid kind of structure. You have to invite a lot of people to get a small amount of bitcoin. Many people posted about it on their blogs.. It took them 3 months to earn just (4 USD).

Hey @haseez

Personally, I don't see it is a problem for this reason.

It is free to get the extension and then whenever I am on my computer it is just working away.

I know it won't generate a lot of free BTC, but I am not doing anything that I wouldn't normally. If after 3 months I receive some BTC then it is a plus.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Very dancing to a friend