BERN (coin) now has a home on Crypto-city

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with the influx of new people finding themselves holders of cryptocurrencies thanks to the wonderful concepts of sites like steemit I feel it is important to be able to direct them to a crypto space that isn't just a bunch of anon/puppet accounts looking to prey on naive/unsuspecting investors like Bct forums have always mostly been .

Yes there is a lot of good people on Bct forums as well, but who is who? and how is a newb in the crypto realm supposed to be able to tell them apart?

I see many times on the Cryptocurrency Collectors Club (an awesome group on Facebook) people talking about "policing ourselves or the government will "try" to do it for us" and I 100% agree with them.

Some handy features I've found so far on Crypto-city are the Chatrooms with audio/video capabilities, forums, communities, events... it essentially feels like a crypto specific FB and is very user friendly, I could see it becoming very popular in time.

One of the best features of the site is it's FREE crypto/trading lessons... whether you're a newb with questions about how wallets work and how to use their features or you are a seasoned "swing trader" looking to improve your skills as a "day trader"

I spent over 2 hours the other day in a class and even tho I have been a crypto advocate for well into 3 years now I was still able to learn a lot and improve my trading skills a bit. (My full review is below)

So I thought it was the perfect place to host a BERNcash community, BERN is a long term project. It is a POW/POS hybrid with a real dev who doesn't hide behind anon accounts etc and will be supporting his project for years to come. We have over 500 users on our Facebook page hosted by the coins creator Steven Saxton and we will continue to grow over time.

If you're interested all link and info for BERN can be found in the infopages of the community below


I read through your post and both of the links, and still cannot understand what is the point of this coin/system? What makes it better than the current solutions?

It's not trying to claim it's better than BTC or anything like many others do, It's different for sure but it has always been intended to be a community coin lol not trying to compete for top market cap etc, I'm not trying to hype anything. I'm sure the coins creator would of loved it to have more impact in the markets when it launched but I've never heard him complain and neither have I. Now that Bernies Campaign is over the community of people who the coin is obviously intended for will obviously have more energy for other things, Those people could be anyone who was inspired by the message people like Bernie Sanders, Dr. West and others were trying to get across. To participate in the change we wish to see in our world. A coin is just a tool, what a community does with it determines its usefulness and value... The BERN community will grow in time, like mined people are like minded people after all. in the meantime I do alright trading it now and then (when volume is decent) and stake/mint the majority of my holdings in it.

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