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We see accounting as the most time-consuming and unnecessarily cumbersome admin task facing small businesses today, it can also be extremely stressful and nerve-wracking for people doing this for the first time.
At EZYcount, we envisage accounting for the self-employed and small business owners as being automated and decentralised so they can focus on what matters instead of managing accounts.

Accounting can and should be done automatically by EZYcount AI. Connection to all sources of accounting data such as bank accounts, payment systems, e-commerce websites, and invoicing systems enable EZYcount AI to complete tasks automatically that would manually take hours to do. Bookings are created automatically and fully completed. Financial statements are available within a couple of clicks, and following analysis of your data, EZYcount AI provide you with tips to improve your financial stability.

EZYcount also supports strong data ownership laws that protect individuals and ensure they have ownership of their data. Future decentralisation ensures you will have full ownership of your data and decide how it should be used.

If you are one of the millions of self-employed people, who struggle with admin tasks, the aforementioned might seem like a fantasy pipedream; however it’s not, it’s a reality. It’s as real as other derided ideas such as self-driving cars, rockets to Mars, and robots cleaning our homes. Join us on our mission to prove the power of AI to carry out our business admin tasks!

EZYcount’s business model is based on an innovative license model : EZYcount Token as a License (TaaL).

The token represents a lifelong software license for EZYcount solutions. The token sales will enable us to complete the development of fully automatic accounting.
In addition to product development, the Pre-ICO token sale paves the way for a future EZYcount ICO. EZYcount will launch accounting on the blockchain and ensure your accounting data is comprehensive and private, but available everywhere within your preferred apps. It will empower you to manage your data as you see it in a fully decentralized way. Furthermore, a new range of business apps will connect to the EZYcount providing you with the future of business data access that ensures you have the best available data at your disposal.


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