EUNO End of year update!

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Happy Holidays from the EUNO Team!!! Over the past month we have had a huge change in our blockchain and are counting down the days until one lucky EUNO-tarian will win a EUNO Masternode.

Are you a EUNO-tarian? Do you have a MN? EUNO we are giving a MN away? Go to EUNO.CO/giveaway to find the clues that will allow you to make the call for a MN. This is not only a MN giveaway, but also a chance at a seat at the Governance table, where your voice and ideas can really become reality. The last clue will be shared on 12/28/2018, and we will be waiting.

At block 205000, the Governance approved rewards payout change was implemented, reducing POW by 70%. Wallet 1.1.03 was released and within days over 50% of wallets had been updated and we are now successfully at block 225003 with over 90% of the wallets updated. In other news, the EUNO team will be releasing a new Governance platform, Q1 2019, to validate MN ownership, allow members to create proposals, and manage proposals and funds in a transparent and user-friendly manner. Big shout out to Arjan for his contribution on this.

Well EUNO, the core team has ate up the initials Roadmap so we will be releasing an updated version with our new goals for 2019. We accomplished so much in such little time since our launch, it’s amazing. From getting listed on multiple exchanges to CMC, MN Governance creation, POW reduction, and Plastic Wallet, we have exceeded our own expectations working in a fluid and agile manner to meet the needs of our community. We look forward to Q1 2019 when we will be releasing our updated website, Phase 1 of the Mobile Wallet, and forging new partnerships in new places including Russia! We look forward to the new Governance proposals, as well as community ideas as we strive for mass adoption.

Our new website is 80% complete and is expected to be released to the public 1/1/2019. We’re talking about all the information that new community members need, all the info current community members need, everything you need to level up to a EUNO-tarian will be available at EUNO.CO. We have heard the voice of the community and potential new adopters and have included updated core team member profiles with real pictures and bios, update UI/UX, FAQ page, updated distribution, and most importantly updated Roadmap to take us to the… well EUNO.

You’ve got mail… EUNO has sent Christmas cards to the top 100 retail companies worldwide, in a push to grow awareness, adoption, and partnerships. In 2019 we will leverage the relationships to further advance our roadmap and overall goals. Tis the season to be jolly EUNO…

Are you a EUNO-tarian? Do you eat sleep and breath EUNO? Join the EUNO Special Forces Room, where ideas are bounced around to further push and distribute the mass adoption of EUNO. Beware this is only for the hardcore EUNO supporter, however if you have ideas, don’t yet have a masternode but want to make an impact this place is for you. Be sure to link up with @Angie and she’ll give you more info.

EUNO has also released its version of a paper wallet, dubbed the “Plastic Wallet” and its available at This “Plastic Wallet” is a safe and easy way to carry EUNO with you, gift EUNO to family or friends, or just as a general offline safe storage facility. With multiple card designs available, and dont forget to uuse the promo code: EUNO and receive. We have also added new Holiday styles to the merchandise store to keep you looking fly over the holidays. You can access the store here: Shop.EUNO.CO.

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