The Slump Has Slowed, Crypto Markets Stabilizing

in #crypto3 months ago

The huge dump we saw this past week has finally slowed to a crawl, although there may still be some pressure for the price of Bitcoin to go down, people are looking forward to the reversal.

In my opinion, coins like Hive and those around the rank 200 Mark will probably be consolidated into the more traditional coins like Bitcoin and Litecoin during the reversal. After the major cryptocurrencies pick up some steam, it's very likely that Dogecoin, Tron and Hive will slowly come crawling back up as well.

Yesterday evening, Hive was performing much better and saw some growth, but that growth dwindled away as Bitcoin today is falling slightly. It seems we may have bottomed out on Bitcoin, but there really is no telling with the data we currently have.

What do you think is a good move?

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