A Hotel For Entrepreneurs, Plus A Co-Working Space, All Payable With Crypto

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The latest hype in the "crypto accepted here" trend is a hotel in Singapore called Tribe Theory, where entrepreneurs can co-work and, lately, co-sleep as well.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 2.45.28 PM.png

As you can see from the screenshot above, the "rooms" are very tiny, but given the price you have to pay, it's still a bargain: a bed in Tribe Theory hotel will cost you $26, whereas the average hotel room in Singapore is $180 per night. Plus, you can pay in Bitcoin or Ethereum, which is kind of cool.

The hotel also has a co-working space on the top floor and it's pretty much an enhanced version of a hostel, the kind you may find all over Asia, from Bangkok to Kyoto. I've been fortunate to spend some time in a few of these hostels, before this all crypto / entrepreneurship craze, and I got a very good feeling. Of course, at that time it felt weird, because, well, hostels are for students or poor people, right?

Anyway, if you happen to go to Singapore and need a place to crash, with a very high chance to meet some daring entrepreneurs and squeeze some work in, all of this while paying with Ether or Bitcoin, then give it a shot.

And report back here, because I'm really curious how this works.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, blogger and ultrarunner. You can find me mainly on my blog at Dragos Roua where I write about productivity, business, relationships and running. Here on Steemit you may stay updated by following me @dragosroua.

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wow this is cool soon other places too will accept :)

tare ideea.!

The room might be small but the fact that you can pay in a crypto currency really go a long away. Am sure other companies might follow suit

26 $ is such an economical place to live if you compare it with other conventional hotel of 180 $, and the great thing is Bitcoin and Ethereum is acceptable. Hopefully other currency will soon acceptable. Thanks for sharing @dragosroua

WHoa pretty cool with such co-working space accepting crypto! Gonna drop by when I’m around SG.

I'll have check that out if I ever get back there. I went for work years ago, but they got me an apartment

I sure i wrote it already in some of your posts , i always happy to hear about new places that getting crypto as payment option this is just show that more and more people are believe in this and it's here to stay

In the last few week i'm hearing about new places almost every day which just show that we are on the right way

Really great to see that more and more niches are accepting cryptocurrency and i was thinking that sooner or later the hotel industry will get involved.
What i will really like to see is more coins being accepted as a payment method. For the moment more then 99% of the business are accepting just Bitcoin or Ethereum.
It will be great to see more coins on the list, and why not maybe one day even Steem!

This is a great initiative I must say. The Price in bitcoin is cheap and very affordable. The essence of a hotel when you go to place you dont know and are probably visiting for the first time is to find a place to lay your head and that's just what this hotel has provided for many.

I will definitely use this place when I get to Singapore...I don't care what people would think of me for doing so...mayb poor but I still don't care.

Heading to singapore sometime this month! Such a valuable information. Will be googling about it more! I'd definitely prefer cryptocurrency!

This is wonderful i really want to go to visit in Singapore

That looks really interesting @dragosroua. I would definitely give that a go if I was in Singapore although I might feel a bit out of place. Maybe they could open one for the older set. That would be brill! 😊

This is amazing! Crypto is enjoying a wider and wider acceptance. Here in Nigeria, musicians and stage performers have started accepting their payment in crypto

Nice rooms :)

That is really cost effective...26 $ = 8 steem/sbd approx
May be they will accept steem someday. Imagine if you have to pay for a night stay and your wallet is dry, you spend a few hrs on steemit, make one or two posts and earn around 8 steem/sbd and pay for the night...Its awesome right..

thank's for sharing ur updated post....
have a nice travel...

great to share

Good post.
Your post gives good information to everyone. I love it

Thanks for sharing

26$ against 180$ that too in bitcoin and Ethereum is more than just negotiable. It will be quite useful for students and visitors as you could save a lot of cash maybe for other better things. However providing a co working platform depicts the standards. Moreover i dont think small rooms will effect much. All you want is a perfect bed to sleep on. Rest space is not required if you are there on temporary basis.

this is nice i really went to go to visite in singapore.

This is such a awesome story.hotel+workspace=pay by crypto amazing na.

bitcoin and other crypto finally will go mainstream with all the young people ideas and this is just the beginning :)

Oh its good because crypto is our feature and is going spread quickly and evry one know its the feature so i appreciate that hotel

That is a great way to introduce crypto. I'm gonna alter my current boutique resort idea to include this style of exchange.

Thank you for sharing