Crypto Conspiracies: You Won’t Believe What Some People Are Saying [VIDEO]

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Anyone who knows me will tell you I love a good conspiracy. I’ve entertained some pretty outlandish theories. In fact, there is rarely a conspiracy theory that I won’t at least consider.

That’s because nearly everything we are told is a lie and so I look into things on my own.

So… is EOS a Pedocoin? Is Alan Greenspan the real Satoshi Nakamoto? These questions and more became part of a fun discussion and debate I had recently with Bix Weir, the head of “Road to Roota.”

Let’s first address the “Pedocoin” claim.

According to Weir:

“ is clear that there are many many people out there who have been harmed---children---who have been harmed by Brock and friends, and that’s kinda where...when you go down that rabbit hole, it brings you to them running away to Spain, hiding for three years, starting another company there, and getting arrested in Spain with 8,000 pictures---pedophile pictures. I mean, 3 pictures and you’re in jail---they had 8,000 pictures…”

It’s no secret that Brock Pierce was a child actor who starred in many Hollywood movies, including some Disney films.

It’s also common knowledge now that the film industry has a pedophilia epidemic and sadly, child actors are often targets of these predators.

But what does any of this have to do with one of the world’s most exciting new cryptocurrencies?

If you believe you shouldn’t own EOS because of some early involvement by Brock Pierce then you shouldn’t own bitcoin either. He sits on the board of directors of the Bitcoin Foundation and was involved very early in the crypto space, which helped him amass his billion dollar fortune.

Bix and I dig further into that in our interview.

Bix then went on to explain his theory of why he thinks Alan Greenspan is or was one of the people behind Satoshi Nakamoto.

I’ve said before that it really doesn’t matter too much who Satoshi Nakamoto was… but this is an entertaining story that Bix has an interesting take on.

You Can Watch The Full Discussion Here:

I don’t think there’s much truth to these wild ideas, but I am open to them. In fact, if this interview proved anything, it’s that no matter how different our beliefs are on what is really happening, people can still be friends and laugh about things.

If only someone would explain that to all the YouTube trolls. :P

In any event, the cryptos have had a terrible week… and arguably a terrible year. However, we warned TDV subscribers this was all coming and most have prepared and are liquid to be buying at these lower levels. The next issue of our newsletter, with exclusive commentary on whether this is really the right time to buy or if the market could still go lower, comes out in the next few days (SUBSCRIBE).

To illustrate just how open I am to alternative theories that I don’t necessarily agree with, I’ve invited Bix Weir back to our TDV Internationalization & Investment Summit, to be held the two days before Anarchapulco, on February 12th and 13th. Both the TDV Summit and Anarchapulco are selling out fast and prices will be going up again soon, so if you haven’t booked, make sure to do so soon!

And, if you want to know about the real conspiracy… it’s that governments were put into place worldwide, over centuries, by communist style central banks which control almost everything.

That’s not even a theory. That’s a provable fact. And, cryptos are one way we can free ourselves and all of humanity.

Anyone who is against blockchain technology is supporting human slavery. They are the ones who should be our point of focus.

Decentralize the world.


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It is amazing to me how deeply ingrained the centralization mythology is in many people's heads. The only thing to do is disrupt the flow by talking about decentralization, not complying.

I have your interview on now, top marks for being able to talk intelligently with people who don't have the same views as you.

Great work Jeff, it is good to have an open mind. But what other theory might Bix say? He could just as easily say "Janet Yellen, and Ben Bernanke worked with Greenspan in creating bitcoin." Huh???
It is important to adhere to the scientific method and remain objective, especially when there is no supporting evidence to a claim.

I couldn't agree more what you say, we should not look into the past of people, we should look what they are doing now for the community, and I can only say, the EOS guys, incl. Brook of course, doing an amazing job.
Everybody of us have a past, good and bad, what really matters is how they act in the present.
Best regards and I'm happy to found @dollarvigilante some weeks before.
I'm just impressed.
Best regards


Welcome aboard the anarchy train, friend ✌

Wow is all I know to say.

Let me know how much people love you- when EOS goes belly up. Saw you speaking to an EMPTY room at The AnrachPortugal. I guess that whole OPEN BORDERS sh!t down go down so well there- when They're getting flooded with the African & Muslims hordes.

Congrats on those land scams, my man. One of your Guests you gave a platform to- SCREWING people over in Vegas Land scams. Let me know about the blow back you get on that.

You've done a lot of great work & you put your money where your mouth is- you're a real stand up guy, Jeff. Still, I do not know if you are turning a blind a eye to some of the stuff you're promoting, or if you're getting kickbacks.

This is better than Visa and Masterfucked!

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