Trump Accidentally Tweets Huge IRS Secret

in #crypto4 years ago

Trump Tweet Costs IRS Millions…

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▶️ DTube

Your videos are always informative and clear!

Thanks for another great tip for people to be agile with.

Looking forward to meet you in the upcoming SteeFest3!

Keep the world rockin'

Artakush runs back to the bush...

world peace there's a concept :)

And they say Trump is a lunatic, directly and indirectly he only wants to take care of his people. Now he gives tips on his famous tweets. :D

As you mentioned, they need their slaves to pay taxes and not complain about it, but those who understand the problem of our society can easily "overcome" the law.

Great one on exposing this wish some of the UK loop holes were exposed our taxes are ridiculous 💯🐒

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