Digitex, A revolutionary exchange model for futures exchanges.

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Using blockchain technology to eliminate transaction fees, operators speculate on the price of Bitcoin against the US dollar, but their commercial profits and losses are paid in DGTX tokens. This means that operators need DGTX tokens to enter an operation, generating demand for DGTX tokens. Digitex covers the cost of executing the exchange by creating a small number of new tokens each year instead of charging transaction fees in exchanges. Committed free futures markets on a stable, fast and secure trading platform will attract a large number of operators who must buy DGTX tokens to participate, creating a higher demand for DGTX tokens that compensates for the small inflationary cost of creating new tokens.

Digitex Futures Exchange

It is a new and revolutionary futures exchange model that created its own cryptocurrency to replace the need for transaction rates in the Northeast or Southeast. Free commission trading will create very liquid futures markets by attracting large volumes, short-term traders whose trading strategies are not viable in other exchanges due to commissions. As the prices of cryptocurrencies rise, percentage of transaction fees based on other exchanges will also increase, further increasing the attractiveness of a futures exchange without commissions.

A future contract

It is a standardized financial contract, in which two parties agree on the transaction of some financial instruments or physical products at a future date at a determined price.Digitex operators can participate in liquid markets without commissions without having to rely on the exchange with the custody of their funds, further differentiating the exchange of traditional exchanges that require merchants to relinquish full control of their account balances to a central third party which can freeze / mismanage / lose those funds.

Steps to operate contracts in futures

STEP 1) Training:
Before starting to operate in such a leveraged market, each element of a future contract must be mastered. For this it is basic to know the following aspects.Standard contract:Futures contracts have the following elements when they are executed:
  • Nominal:
  • it will depend on the futures contract in which we invest.
  • Point value:
  • this figure indicates how much the movement of a point in the underlying asset of the contract affects in monetary terms.
  • Minimum Tick:
  • The minimum amount that can be moved by the price of a futures contract. The minimum tick is 5 points so the minimum variations would be € 5.
  • Maturity:
  • Futures contracts may have a monthly or quarterly duration and the third Friday of such periods occurs.

    STEP 2)Choose a broker:

    This step is fundamental and for this we must follow some guidelines that we will require from any broker:Regulation:It would be ideal if it were regulated by a country with a strong regulation of investor protection. (USA, United Kingdom).

    Commissions:Intermediaries offering futures are relatively scarce compared to those offered by other products; and among those that offer this type of products there are several that tend to offer a futures offer at a high cost either by operation or by account maintenance. This type of intermediary should be avoided.
    Variety of offers:The futures market is very broad because of the amount of assets on which there are contracts, so it is vital that the broker offers us the widest variety of contracts available and that are traded on the main futures exchanges.
    Management of guarantees:It is vital to know how the intermediary handles the guarantees and which guarantee management system is used, to differentiate between a manual and discretionary system of guarantees that may lead to criteria problems.

    STEP 3)Decide the category and type of futures contract:
    Futures contracts are usually grouped into the following categories:

    Indices:In this category we find the contracts on the main world indices and within them the popular mini contracts (in which we can operate these contracts with a nominal minimum and therefore guarantees). Bonds, currencies and interest rates:T-Note to 10 and 30 years of the US, German sovereign debt, Eurodollar interest rate and other currency pairs. Energy:Oil, natural gas, etc. Metals:Gold, silver, copper, platinum, etc. Agriculture:Corn, cotton, coffee, sugar, etc.

    Step 4) Study the market and make decisions:

    Once we have detected the asset that we feel comfortable operating or of which we have more knowledge, we must study the market, detect how it reacts to the various events, news calendar that affect the price of the market. underlying, liquidity of the contract, etc.

    Step 5) Operate in the market and manage risks

    We must know when we open the position of futures that this type of products is not necessary to disburse all the nominal of the same, but we will demand a guarantee depending on the amount that we move and on that amount the daily settlement will be made according to the evolution of the underlying asset.

    Token DGTX

    DGTX is the protocol token that is the native currency of Digitex Futures. To exchange. The tic value of each Digitex futures market is 1 DGTX token. The margin requirements in each Digitex futures market are paid in DGTX tokens because the profits and losses are denominated in DGTX tokens.

    The account balances in the Digitex Futures Exchange, which are in the hands of an independent intelligent contract, are denominated in DGTX tokens. It is the creation of new DGTX tokens after approximately 2 years that allows the exchange to operate without the need to charge transaction fees. The DGTX Token Offer / Initial Currency Offer (ICO) creates an initial offer of 1,000,000,000 DGTX (one billion DGTX tokens).

    DGTX is an ERC-223 token based on Ethereum that can freely market Bitcoin, Ether and many other cryptocurrencies on the Digitex platform through integration with decentralized and unreliable token exchange protocols such as swap.tech, 0xproject.com and bancor.com.

    Meet the Digitex Team

    Adam Todd.Founder and chief executive.
    Former pit dealer at the London International Financial Futures & Options Exchange (LIFFE). Founder of BetTrader, a popular stair trading interface that has been online for 14 years and connects to the largest betting market in the world, Betfair.com. Adam was one of Betfair's most successful sports traders, once he spent 8 months of daily full-time operations without losing a day.

    Lee Mayne.Chief of Operations
    Lee has experience in helping small and medium businesses meet their technology and online needs. His skills span the gamut from UX to hosting experience. He has been involved in commercial applications and exchanges for both the sports trading industry and iGaming for the past 10 years, having lived in Malta, Dublin and the London area. Lee, a talented person, also brings out the best in organizations and people.

    Martin Deering. Chief of Information Technology
    Martin has worked in the publishing, web development and localization industries for more than 20 years, creating customized publishing solutions and databases. He has degrees in German and psychology, and is happier when computers do all the work for him.

    Lidia Yadlos. Head of Marketing
    Lidia has worked as a digital marketing professional for the past 8 years. She has a BS in Business Marketing from Kean University. His experience focuses on content development, social media management, public relations, media buying, website design, brand management and advertising campaigns. She has spent the last years in New York working as a marketing consultant for clients ranging from verticals such as technology, fashion and event production startups.

    Dmitrij Szewcow.Communications Manager
    With more than 7 years of experience in sales and customer service working in a variety of companies in the United Kingdom, including telecommunications and real estate, Dmitrij extensively polished his skills as a communications manager before joining Digitex. He has also been a part-time operator on Betfair and an enthusiastic investor of Cryptocurrency since 2016. Dmitrij can also read the minds of people, since he has been a professional poker player for 6 years.

    Sona Gill.Communications Manager
    With a degree in Accounting and Finance, Sona has been investing personally in the world of cryptography since early 2016. She has gained a solid understanding of blockchain technologies and their potential. Your valuable customer support skills when working in a variety of industries have been a great asset to the Digitex team. He is well known as one of the "voices" of Digitex, educating our community in our project and offering support throughout the day.

    Development of Digitex software

    For security reasons, the software development team is allowed to maintain its privacy until the software product has been released. It aims to provide the forefront of the cryptographic exchange market, and its ongoing goal is to gain the trust of chip holders. Its motto is to serve the purpose of our exchange with perfection.

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