Investitutional Infesters Plagiarising Existing Crypto Markets While Remaining Insolvent

in crypto •  14 days ago

By allowing participation in sub-markets unapproved by the crypto-community, the SEC (Securities and Exchanges Commission) would be encouraging investitutional infesters to fund plagiarism of existing markets and intellectual property. The crypto-currency community has some existing democracy which is respected by participants. When did the SEC begin making decisions without considering that there are existing markets to which they owe seniority, respect and claim to creative ownership?

Respecting the creations of others should be a bullet point for the SEC while considering the approval of "sub-market" exchange traded funds. Their affirmative decision would make available a fictional asset for sale to investitutional infesters not taking part in the existing crypto-currency markets and blockchain economy. Participation by proxy is plagiarism.

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