Low Market Cap Crypto Opportunities

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With the bloodbath of late - BTC is down a ton, right? - it might be time to look for some low market cap crypto opportunities.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 5.05.51 PM.png

I'll share three with you here. One is a client of Metacoin, and the other two are just ones we like...


This token has always been interesting to me: instead of doing an ICO, they just did a "global airdrop" and gave the token away to anyone with a Facebook account. Then, after a couple months or so, they did the same for anyone with a Twitter account.

This is the one that's a client of Metacoin - you can still get yours for free if you use this link.

Trading will pick up - the screenshot is from one of the newer exchanges with the coin, RadarRelay, and you can also get it on ForkDelta and EtherDelta, but EtherDelta may be dying - especially when the developers finish a "bridge" that will allow you to move the coins claimed through your FB or Twitter account onto a wallet like MyEtherWallet.

As of this writing, if you haven't claimed any with your Facebook or Twitter accounts, you can get 13,700 or so tokens. I suggest doing so soon, since each future person who claims gets fewer tokens; as the more people that become aware of the coin, the chance that it will increase in users is pretty strong.

Market cap estimates are all over the map - since the number of tokens awarded times the current value of the coin (around $0.000026) equals somewhere near $3m, those that estimate the market cap by using total available are over-reaching, since the 230-billion-plus coins won't be distributed for some time. But if it's at $6m, this could still be a bargain coin.


I met these folks a couple months back, and their security-driven utility token makes tons of sense. They're in the business of cybersecurity - and the security found on some phones is much better than the security on a lot of computers. Thus their hook...

You can read more about them here: Rivetz.

Market cap as of today is around $11m.


$RAIN is the ticker symbol and this one has stuck around - it trades at around 120 Satoshis, which is about 1/30 of what I bought in at - and quickly got OUT at - last year.

It has tremendous potential as a peer-to-peer system - but with a market cap of $1m or so, it could very easily move downward in a big way, too.

Caveat Emptor, DYOR, etc.

Yes, that's right - you are responsible for your own gains and losses, do your own research, and don't take one blog post as gospel.


For future viewers: price of bitcoin at the moment of posting is 8124.30USD