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Today I mapped out my new campaign; my plan for the next year.

All you have to do is upvote and resteem!

If you would like to help even more involved, send Steem or SBD to @DarkPylon!

I am going to create a Fundition campaign for this.

And it is going to take about a year, so please follow and upvote future posts.

Star stats

Bottom right is seconds, bottom left is your health.
Top left is the number of potions you have taken.
Top right is the amount of coins you collected.
At the top you have the number of keys collected.
And in the center is your overall score (kills + coins).
Also the bottom shows how many lives you have.
When you die it subtracts a life.
When you reach a checkpoint you get lives and health.

My first gaming is comping along- as I learn to use Conduit 2 I am building more and more into this game. But my second game is the one I am really excited about! I will be creating it (hopefully) in both 2D and 3D for VR. And on a side note, the local VR arcade has announced that they have the lightsaber game! I hope to create some interesting and competitive virtual reality games for single and multiplayer.

At this time, I am building mobile and pc friendly games in 2D and that's just as great if you ask me. My plan is to build this into www.connect.MyDarkflame.net so that you can login to play with your Steemit active key. Already @steemitplayroom is doing what I had imagined only a year ago, and there are @steemmonsters as well.

@DarkPylon is a Steemit gaming startup.

Donate by sending Steem or SBD to @darkpylon on Steemit.

I am building a virtual reality studio space so please support this project!

Timeline Goals

These Steemit posts daily will feature


Players and Enemies alike, all the animations are separately created.


I have weapons and objects to create, mystery items for pickups and also the furniture for all the rooms. Every scene will need its own custom graphics.


I need to create tiled backgrounds for all my levels.


I have to build a soundscape for various levels, including SFX voices and effects. I have already made sounds for Bats, Orcs and pulled free sounds to create coins and attack sounds. I need to compose music too so I will share all of these developments.


Help develop the background info and storyline for these and future @DarkPylon games!

Spotlight Games

The completed projects will be promoted on Steemit and leaderboards will show stats. Compete with other Steemians to win the highest score!

I need to go

but I wanted to post the first goal for this steemit campaign.

$150 US

for the Apple Dev license so I can upload these games to the iTunes store.
I also plan to launch it on Google Play and there is a smaller fee for that.

The second goal is


$800 US

so I can purchase the full license for Conduit 2 so that I can unlock all the features and get down to business. I will be budgeting to do this in time, but I would like to fundraise on Steemit so that it can move along faster.

I call this a campaign because there are further goals, up to an overall costs of $22,000 to complete phase 1 of the @DarkPylon startup. This includes renting office space, paying developers, purchasing VR equipment and even making a physical sign to attach to the front of a building. I am excited to reveal more in future posts.

Please Upvote 100%

and resteem to share with your friends!


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