Goldilock: The Best Way To Keep Your Digital Data Safe

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What is Goldilock?


Source: Goldilocks Whitepaper

Goldilock is a storage system that combine both cold storage and hot storage system. it utilizes the strength of both systems into a better and more efficient system.

Goldilock employs the NEO platform, a platform designed to build a scalable network decentralized application.

The Security Problem

With the increase in the theft of cryptocurrencies all around the world by hackers, investors requires a safe medium to safeguard their digital assets. Investors currently have only two options; either a cold storage solution or a hot storage one.

Both options might decrease the the security risks, but the risks are still there. For the cold storage solution, the hardware can stolen, misplaced, destroyed or even confiscated. And for hot storage solution, it is connected to the internet which means it can be hacked.

Fortunately for investors, a way now exist for investors to safeguard their digital assets risk free. That method is Goldilock!

The Goldilock! Solution


Source : Goldilocks Whitepaper

Goldilock provides a solution in which investors can rest easy knowing their digital assets are safe and can be easily accessed at anytime.

Goldilock! is built on the premise that consumers requires a storage option that is both secure and simple, a safe vault individuals can easily set up for themselves.

Goldilock utilizes the following measures to safeguard your digital assets;

  1. "Wallet is stored offline through a physical airgap mechanism, and is not accessible from the internet".
  2. "Using a non-IP mechanism, the user activates their wallet making it accessible over the internet".
  3. "User can securely access their wallet over an encrypted connection using a dedicated URL and access credentials".

Source: Goldilocks Whitepaper page 5

Why Goldilock?

There are multiple reasons why you should use Goldilock!, some are

  1. It can be accessed anywhere in the world at anytime.
  2. it involves two layers authentication which secures your digital assets.
  3. Secure physical vault to secure your assets in cold storage until it is needed.
  4. Secure accounts that can be accessed by multiple signatories.
  5. " Physical airgap disconnection from electronic networks".

Goldilock keeps your digital assets by using airgap technology to protect our network from hackers. This helps to ensure that only verified account holders are able to access their accounts. All your sensitive data are safe from the internet.

Why NEO Platform?


Source: Neo Website

The NEO Platform and Goldilock have the same objectives, they both want "a secure blockchain that is recognized by enterprises and governments".


\where is Goldilock! applicable?
Goldilock can be applied in anything involving the storage of sensitive data. Individuals, Hospitals, Schools, and financial institution can use Goldilock! to safeguard their sensitive information.

Goldilock! LOCK Token


Source: Goldilocks Whitepaper

This is what is required to access Goldilock wallet, without the LOCK token, access to your account is restricted.

Case Study

Max afraid of theft of his digital data via the internet chooses the cold storage option and secure his USB in a bank vault. Now, he has the problem of paying a visit to the bank every time he need access to the data. He complained to his friend who introduces him to Goldilock!.
With Goldilock, any time Max needs access to his data, it is available to him anytime, at any place with no delay

For More Information & Resources

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