Why Bitcoin Is Better Than Banks: Major Credit Card Breach Exposes 60M Accounts

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Why Bitcoin Is Better Than Banks: Major Credit Card Breach Exposes 60M Accounts

"Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia with a regional and global presence, has suffered a major data breach. Personal information belonging to millions of clients is now being sold on the black market. Initial analyses suggest the trove of data for sale is..."

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Bitcoin to Shine Once Liquidity Crisis Gets Triggered

The global dollar shortage is a looming crisis that doesn’t get much media attention. Instead, we keep hearing about the trade war and the seesawing stock market but almost nobody talks about the biggest problem that overshadows them all. There’s a sh...

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Algo Capital CTO Resigns Following $1-2 million Hot Wallet Breach

Following the theft of somewhere between $1-2 million in Tether and Algo tokens from the hot wallet of venture capital firm Algo Capital, the chief technology officer (CTO) who administered the wallet has fallen on his sword.

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Bitwise CEO Confident That SEC Will Approve Bitcoin ETF

Investors will know on Monday, October 14 whether the US markets regulator will grant approval for a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), and the chief executive of Bitwise Investments is confident his company's product will get the go-ahead.

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Bitcoin ETF Could Be Approved by SEC This Week, Bitwise's Matt Hougan Says They Are "Closer Than Ever"

Bitwise's Matt Hougan says that the market has changed significantly over the past two years, which makes it reasonable to expect the SEC to approve a Bitcoin ETF

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